WiFi Tethering Coming To Nokia Lumia Smartphones With Windows Phone Tango Update

Nokia Lumia 800

No-one can say that Microsoft and Nokia are resting on their laurels in trying to fix up the little quibbles users have found with their Lumia smartphones and improving upon the feature set available. Just a few days after the latest fix, we get news that two of XDA-Developers’ members have got hold of the latest ROM for the Lumia 800 in China and found WiFi tethering available with a simple switch.

Lack of WiFi tethering has long been a gripe of Nokia Lumia users, as the function is available in Windows Phone, as it is offered on phones from other manufacturers running the OS, but up until now the option was hidden from Lumia users. The Chinese ROM also swaps out Facebook and Twitter integration for Weibo and other social networks that are allowed behind the Great Firewall – but I would imagine that is a location specific change.

Now if only they would add rotation-lock…

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