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Top 4 Ways to Share Video Content on Twitter

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Social media has a way of spreading video content around the Web fast, creating “viral videos” from clips that might otherwise drop into obscurity. Though there isn’t one definitive option for video sharing on Twitter, there are plenty of quick, easy ways to share video content. With a variety of features available, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.


Similar to TwitPic, Twitvid lets you log in using your Twitter account and upload videos to share. You get a generous 1GB of space, or about 20 minutes, for every video, far more than most other upload services. Integrated URL shortening leaves you 117 characters to tweet along with your upload, so you can add an appropriate description, caption, or even a funny comment. Twitvid lets you upload video from:

  • The Twitvid website
  • E-mail via a special address
  • Your webcam
  • mobile device app for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry

If other people mention your video on Twitter, the tweet shows up on Twitvid along with your content. You can interact with videos that other people have uploaded right from the site as well. Reply or retweet, comment or share; Twitvid offers many ways to share video content on Twitter.


Simple but effective, Twiddeo is designed just for sharing videos on Twitter. Use the interface to choose a video, add a descriptive tweet, and upload your content for all your followers to see. Choose from existing videos on your computer or record a new video using your webcam to share instantly. You can also send video via email from your mobile device.

When you’re not busy sharing your own creations, check out videos from other users and leave comments. If you find something particularly fun, get a code that allows you to embed that video elsewhere for others to see. Though the interface isn’t as attractive as some other video-sharing websites, Twiddeo does the job.


With TwitLens, you can upload 10 photos and videos at once, or up to 50MB of content all in one go. Simply sign in with your Twitter info and you’re ready to start. Twitter OAuth support ensures that your login is secure. For those times you don’t want your whole Twitter follower list to see your videos, TwitLENS offers anonymous uploading.

Another feature that sets TwitLENS apart is the ability to tag friends and followers in your uploads using Twitter @mentions. This gives you an easy way to alert specific people to videos they might find interesting. Support for comments and mobile uploads rounds out this unique service.


Sometimes the most obvious way to do something is the best way. Such is the case with YouTube. When you find a video you like, you can share it directly to Twitter rather than going through a third-party website or client. Link your YouTube and Twitter accounts to automatically post when you like videos, add them to your favourites, or upload your own content. Let your followers know when you subscribe to a new channel or comment on videos as well. Turn options on or off in the Sharing section of your account so that you don’t have to share everything with Twitter if you don’t want to.

With these and other services for video sharing on Twitter, you can share videos that you find funny, interesting, informative, or just plain entertaining. Over time, you’ll find the one that works best for you. Video content is only going to grow in popularity, so expect to see many more links from these sites in your Twitter stream.

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