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Startup Pack for Developers Offers GitHub, Zencoder, AWS, and More for Free

Startup PackLast October, and new non-profit organisation Startup Pack offered 1,000 bundles of free tools and subscriptions to digital startups around the world. Now founder Matthieu Vaxelaire is back with 250 even bigger bundles for that wonderful price of free – with 12 month subscriptions and free usage for the like of GitHub, Zencoder, Amazon AWS, oDesk, Twilio, and many more.

The only restrictions on companies entering to win the packages are that they were incorporated, formed less than two years ago, and have raised less than $250,000. There is no restriction on the country from where you are launching from, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in Silicon Valley, London, Tokyo, or Tallin.

Here’s the full list of goodies:

  • GitHub: to build software better, together — 12 months for free
  • Amazon Web Services: Cloud computing infrastructure services — $1,000 for free
  • Zencoder: Cloud video encoding — $250 for free
  • oDesk: to hire freelance talent — $350 for free
  • Twilio: to bring voice and messaging to your web — $500 for free
  • Code School: Learn by doing — 12 months for free
  • New Relic: Application performance — 6 months for free
  • Mailjet: to send transactional emails — 12 months for free
  • Engine Yard: to host your website — $1,000 for free
  • Code Climate: Automated ruby code review — $500 for free
  • Transifex: To localize your app — $495 for free
  • Geckoboard: All your key metrics in one place — 12 months for free
  • TextMaster: to translate all your documents — $450 for free
  • MongoHQ: to host and manage MongoDB — $1,000 for free
  • Pivotal Tracker: Build better software, faster — 12 months for free

The Startup Pack is designed for developers, and so rather than just let people apply for the pack by entering a few details in a web form, to apply a startup must submit their application via an API call. It’s a clever and geeky way of making sure that the pack will be getting to the right people.

The winners will be selected at random from the entries submitted that meet the entry requirements and they will be notified by email.

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