Nokia Lumia 900

Save Money by Using Apps to Make Calls and Send Texts

Nokia Lumia 900

Mobile carriers still make the majority of their profits by charging users for a limited number of minutes or texts each month, when in reality all of this communication is simply data being sent across the network. you may think that data on your monthly plan is quite expensive, but in comparison to how much you are charged for calls or texts, then data is a bargain.

So how do you get around paying over the odds for for your calls and texts from you carrier? Use an app.


Skype is the go-to app for most people when they think of making calls over the internet, and they offer great apps for most platforms so that you can make Skype calls with your phone when you have a good signal. Skype-to-Skype calls are free on the phone, just as they are on the desktop, and calling out to landline or mobile numbers is relatively cheap, although other options can be cheaper if you want to call such numbers.


Not quite as well known as Skype, but the Rebtel calling app has been around for a while now and knocked up 23 million users. Just like Skype, there are free calls between all Rebtel customers, but where the company really shines against its competitors is that they offer some of the lowest rates when making international calls, or sending SMS or MMS to your friends or family not using the service. And its not owned by Microsoft, so you won’t have to deal with those pesky intrusions form the NSA.


WhatsApp does not offer calls, but it is a messaging app that can easily replace sending SMS and MMS to your friends. Being one of the first messaging services around, it has grown a huge userbase, reaching 250 million active users last month. And for good reason – it is available on every mobile platform, sending text and photo messages is free, and you can keep up group conversations.

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