Russia ecommerce

Infographic: Is Russia the Next Giant Ecommerce Market?

Ecommerce in the US and western Europe may still be expanding, but for the real growth you need to look to less developed markets, and Russia looks like it may be the next big focus.

There may be a history of fraudulent ecommerce sites in the country and seen by some as the home of some of the biggest hackers of the last few years, but things are starting to change. The country already has more internet users than any other European country, and the ecommerce market there is set to break £20 billion by 2015 as people begin to put more trust online.

Importantly, Russia is also one of the few online markets (along with China) not already dominated by Google, with the Russian-born Yandex controlling how people find content in Moscow to St. Petersburg and maintaining very strong growth.

This infographic by the folks at Search Laboratory shows the scale of opportunities in Russia:

Russia ecommerce

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