Canon IXUS 510

How the internet has changed the camera industry

Canon IXUS 510

It is easy to see the effect of smartphones on the camera industry, with these pocket computers often producing results that are comparable to dedicated compact cameras, but it is the internet that has really changed the industry.

Not only do people expect to be able to pull out a camera at any moment and be able to snap a reasonably good quality photograph, but they also want to be able to to some editing to that image and share it on Instagram, Facebook, or *ahem* Snapchat, right there and then.

Some high quality compacts like some Canon cameras such as the IXUS range still offer better pictures than the tiny sensors jammed into our smartphones, and the battery lasts more than the few hours you get taking photos on a smartphone, but that hasn’t stopped a decline in sales of such devices.

However, the upside of manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, and Sony fighting ever harder to convince consumers to buy these compact cameras, is that they are now more affordable than ever, with the camera not only offering better optical zooms and larger sensors with more megapixels than their smartphone-bundled competitors, but you can also pick then up for around $140 at places like Ted’s Cameras. And now that many also include WiFi built in, you can also share these photos with the world nearly as easily.

Not everyone needs a proper camera, but I know what I would prefer to take to the beach on holiday for some snaps.

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