Streamed music to be included in UK charts


Music streamed through services such as Spotify or Deezer is to be included in the top 40 singles chart according to the head of music at BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra.

Speaking at a Radio Academy event George Ergatoudis said that the UK charts would soon include plays from Spotify and YouTube, streaming services through which young people are increasingly listening to music.

The Official Charts Company has said that they have no set date for the change as a lot of due diligence needs to be done, but that they are looking into introducing the data to compile the UK’s weekly singles chart. One of the biggest stumbling blocks will be determining how many streams of a song will equate to a sale, and whether a user will needs to stream the whole song or just the first 30 seconds to be counted.

The Official Charts Company already offers a UK streaming chart, but it does not have the caché of the singles chart which was established in 1969.

Music streaming services, mostly Spotify and YouTube, now account for nearly 10% of revenues from recorded music in the UK, and continue to rise.

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