Sky Store "Buy and Keep" scheme

Sky to post movie DVDs to subscribers in ‘Buy to Keep’ scheme

Sky Store "Buy and Keep" scheme

In what sounds like a step-backwards, Sky has announced a new ‘Buy to Keep’ service that lets subscribers buy a film through their set-top box to watch immediately, with Sky also posting them a copy of the movie on DVD to keep in their collection.

After checking that this was not an April fools joke, a little investigating showed that users will also be able to redownload the movie at any point in the future, and Sky plans to offer the movies to stream and download through their tablet and smartphone apps in the future, so there is some future thought there as well.

But DVDs in the post? Not even Blu-ray? the news just feels like Sky hoping the mop up subscribers in areas where the internet is really too slow for downloads, but then you have to ask why buy from Sky rather than Amazon at a discount?

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