iPhone 6 bend issue

#Bendgate: Apple gets complaints as iPhone 6s bend in users’ tight jeans

Early adopters of Apple’s latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones have complained that the superslim gadgets bend when kept in tight pockets or squeezed a little too hard.

Various reports on the problem have sprung up in forums and on social media over the last few days, with the iPhone 6 Plus apparently particularly susceptible to the issue because of its larger size, which causes a greater bulge in the pocket, and therefore more strain on the device from the tighter fabric.

Apple has made a lot of fuss about the slim design of its phones, making special efforts for slim batteries to keep everything as thin as possible. However, when every millimetre possible is shaved off, the device has lost some of its rigidity, and that could be a major problem.

Unlike the previous “Antennagate” issue that meant that if you held your iPhone 4 in a specific way then you would lose reception, which could be fixed with a simple case, structural issues are a much more difficult problem to fix, and Apple may be getting quite a few returns over the “bendgate” problem in the coming weeks.

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