Apple Watch

Apple Watch release pushed back until Q2 2015?

Apple was already late to join the wearables party when Tim Cook announced the hotly anticipated Apple Watch in September, but it looks like they will now be a bit more than fashionably late.

The Apple Watch was promised to arrive in “early 2015”, but recent rumours have it that Apple has run into some production issues and now it won;t appear on the shelves until the second quarter of 2015.

Apple is often not the first to bring a new piece of tech to market, but Cupertino has been very good in recent years of producing the product that “just works” and makes everything that came before look like an alpha test. There were MP3 players before the iPod, no-button smartphones before the iPhone, and tablets before the iPad – but no-one remembers their names because the Apple products were so much better that they redefined the category around them.

This time Android manufacturers Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola have all beaten Apple to the punch, which could not be an issue except for the fact that none of these these manufacturers, nor Apple, really make a great case for owning any of these devices. Yes being able to check your text message or email on your watch might be great as you’re in a rush or walking down the street – but the screen size is a huge limitation.

Despite what Apple’s marketing wizards might say, having a message buzz and appear on your wrist does not make you “feel” more of connection. Dictating a message is also not a great plan unless you are somewhere private like at home or in the car, and then is putting your hand on your phone really that big a deal?

Apple may make the “best” smartwatch when it finally ships, but if you already have an iPhone that you always have with you, the Apple Watch is not going to bring a lot to the party – and for an estimated retail price of somewhere between £250 and £300, it is a very expensive piece of jewellery that you will have to remember to charge every day or two.

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