Mercedes Benz - Intelligent Drive

Interesting tech options for your car

Mercedes Benz - Intelligent Drive

Engine efficiency and brake horse power are no longer the only things that make a new car impressive – technology now plays a major part in how new models are received.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which came out this year, has won the ExtremeTech Car of the Year award due to the awesome technology included in its sleek frame. The car can, up to a point, drive itself – as long as the driver is holding the wheel, the car will stay in the middle of the lane, and even drive around obstacles in the road. It will break when the car in front of you brakes, and if the air outside is anything less than fresh, it will release air freshener, so that you experience no discomfort whatsoever. If all that wasn’t enough, the car also comes equipped with night vision, which can see pedestrians near the road, and even isolate one bulb from the headlight, and flash at them.

Mazda have paid attention to the modern need to connectivity, and has included the Aha™ platform, which is linked to the Cloud – the platform gives passenger’s access to Facebook, Twitter, and basically the whole of the internet. The technology, called MZD Connect, is available in the Mazda 3, which has also undergone a design change – the dashboard now has an Active Driving Display, which helps the driver to keep their attention on the road, whilst allowing them to benefit from the MZD Connect technology.

The cost of parking a car which is estimated at nearly £716 million, is prompting manufacturers to look at the way we park cars. One manufacturer supplying top notch technology at an affordable price is Ford. The new Ford Focus has something called the Full Assisted Park Aid, which automatically parallel parks the car – whether the driver is in the vehicle or not. Ultrasonic sensors pick a parking spot, and then back the car into the space independently. This means that you can park in tight spaces, because you don’t have to be in the car when it parks.

The new Audi TT is a fantasy car for tech lovers – the car is 4G ready, and can recognise your voice. The headlights are made up of twelve segments, and it can dim them independently so as not to blind oncoming drivers. In fact, the headlights are so clever, that they can project around corners in order to prevent the driver having to use the full beam.

What is truly amazing isn’t that these cars are so high tech; it’s that this technology will one day be common place. What comes next, we can only imagine.

Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

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