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Home automation on a budget?

In recent years, the appeal of smart home systems has spread across the country and around the world, leaving many homeowners desiring to get their own home automation system. The major appeal of a smart home is the convenience and control these systems offer homeowners; smart homes are controlled from one central hub, typically a control system, that connects to the HVAC system, appliances, lighting, media, entertainment, and security features of the home.

The Drawback and the Solution

With all of the benefits of a home automation system, the drawback for some homeowners is the cost—these systems can be costly, depending on the features you want to be included in your system. If you find yourself longing for the added comfort and security a smart home can offer, but are unable to afford a complete system, there are now many options available to help you build your system piece by piece. This way, you can start with the elements that are most important to you, and add to your system as your budget allows.

Sensors and Security Systems

The feeling of safety a home security system provides is priceless, and security systems that can link with a smart home system offer added protection. When the cost of a traditional security system is just out of reach, you should consider purchasing sensors for your windows and doors that will alert you via your phone when they’re opened. To increase the security of your home, consider a sensor that offers multiple functions, including the monitoring of movement, temperature, and even light.

Surveillance System

In addition to a home security system, you may desire a surveillance system to help monitor the exterior of your home. When you’re looking to customize your surveillance system on a budget, consider purchasing a few cameras that can be linked to a hub, allowing you remote access to a live stream. You will be able to check who’s at the door from another part of the house, or see what’s going on remotely when the door sensor is triggered.


Installing a smart thermostat allows you access to your HVAC system when you’re away from home. With this feature, you can control the temperature of your home when you’re away, offering you a way to turn your heater or air conditioning system on and off, or adjust the temperature as needed. This is especially helpful if you prefer to keep your thermostat off or turned low during the day, but want to come home to a more comfortable temperature after a long day at the office.

Plugs and Outlets

Smart plugs and outlets give you control over any electronic devices plugged into them. Having access to your electrical outlets means you never again have to come home to a dark house or worry that you forgot to unplug something—you can easily turn the plugs on and off as needed. It also gives you the ability to control your television or lights while you’re out of town, which makes it possible to give the impression someone is home even when you’re not.

It’s Time To Rethink Home Automation

If you’ve ever considered a home automation system but thought it was financially out of reach, it may be time to think again. With so many options available to help you build a custom system, budget no longer has to be a concern.

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