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Who manages to forget a desktop computer on the Tube?!

Londoners are forgetting ever more items on their commute each year, according to the latest stats from Transport for London, but the real question is who on earth is taking a desktop computer on the tube anyway?

Commuters carry over £500 million worth of valuables with them, from mobile phones to laptop to jewellery, but apparently do not seem to do so well looking after them. Accordingly to research from Policy Expert and a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to TfL, 332,077 items were lost on London’s transport network last year, and we are getting worse, with the figure rising by about 24 percent since 2013.

The most common gadgets people forgot last year were smartphones (34,322), laptops (1078) and similar portable devices, but somehow an impressive 10 people managed to leave desktop computers behind last year. Even more strangely, this number has been slowly climbing each year from just three back in 2013.

We’ve all been forgetful at some point and forgotten our keys or phone or something small like that, but you have to ask how on earth someone managed to forget to pick up the massive hunking desktop PC taking up the entire seat next to them.

Policy Expert have some useful tips for keeping your personal belongings safe and secure while using public transport:

Top tips for protecting your valuables

  1. The most lost and stolen items in the last year were mobile phones – while it’s tempting to check your phone when on the move, ensure you’re being sensible with where you make calls and texts. Keep it out of sight in a zipped bag or pocket.
  2. Never idly put down any small valuable item, such as a phone or purse. Valuables left on tabletops in restaurants will be both easy and tempting to snatch and leave behind.
  3. Keep your bag where you can see it, especially when on the tube or in a crowded area. If you’re in a restaurant place your chair leg through a bag handle to make it harder to move.
  4. Be cautious if you’re walking by yourself, in the dark or with earphones in – being alone or distracted by music can make you more attractive to thieves.
  5. If you’re using a cash machine, be wary of who is around you and make sure your pin is covered.
  6. Thieves often work in groups, so try not be distracted by commotion or attention which could be a ploy.
  7. Finally, check whether your home insurance policy includes away from home cover so if the worst does happen, you at least know you are covered financially.

Photograph by Skitterphoto

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