QICENT external silicone hdd enclosure

Review: QICENT USB 3.0 HDD enclosure

Backups are important. We’ve all had computers and hard drives fail at the most inopportune moments, and from that moment on vowed to always keep things backed up so we never lose our work again. Online backup/sync tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive have made backing up significantly easier than it used to be, but for large volumes of data an external hard drive is still a must.

Whilst I personally back-up all work-related documents to the cloud, I keep a two copies of everything on two separate external hard drives. Overkill? Possibly, but it is a cheap way to achieve piece of mind with 1TB external HDDs now available for under £50.

More than just backing up file though, I have found external HDD enclosures to be the most efficient way to transfer files from one laptop to another. If you have upgraded your laptop, you just need to grab the HDD out of the old machine, slot it into a caddy/enclosure, and you can instantly plug it into the new machine via USB 3.0 and transfer all those files across. And this is where QICENT’s silicon USB 3.0 HDD enclosure comes in.

Setting up

In the box comes a USB 3.0 to SATA III adaptor, the 2.5″ protective silicon case, a 50cm USB Type-A to USB-C cable, and a simple instruction booklet.

Setting up is pretty simple, and involves attaching your HDD to the adaptor (most HDDs are SATA 3) and then sliding it into the silicon case. Then you just plug in the cable and you’re off, moving files around SuperSpeed USB speeds.

The Good

Simplicity is key, and QICENT has this down – there is very little setup and only one way everything fits together, so no need for the instructions. Once plugged in, the transfer is reliable with good speeds.

The not-so-good

The case is made from a good thickness of silicon, but I fear that without a hard shell underneath I would not be comfortable putting my hard drive in here and tucking it into my bag for travel. It’s perfectly fine to leave on the desk on in a drawer, but maybe not great for taking an external HDD on the road.


QICENT’s silicon USB 3.0 HDD enclosure is a simple and easy way to turn your old SATA 3 laptop hard drive into an external HDD both to move files over and then to use for backups down the line.

It is simple to setup and use with your HDD fitting snuggling inside the silicon case, but the lack of a hard shell means this would not be the best option for an external HDD to take on the road.


Price at time of review: £10.99

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