Top 8 ways to grow your business using Instagram marketing

Using Instagram marketing is one of the most strategic approaches to grow your business in 2020. As we all know that social media marketing is one of the major aspects of growing a business. The latest tool in social media is Instagram marketing.

You like it or you don’t like it, you cannot ignore it

If you already have a successful business and you are not very sure of how to be active in social media. Then you can start with this article, to know how to begin with Instagram Marketing. Make a full-proof plan for your social media marketing strategy.

Make your brand presence socially

If you already have some other social media accounts on other social media platforms, then connect them. For example, if you have an account on Facebook then make sure that you make your Facebook friends aware of your presence on Instagram. So that the people who follow you on Facebook also follow you on Instagram.

If in case you do not have any account the at least start with Instagram marketing. Create an account and start following friends to make them know that you are on Instagram.

Show what they want to see

You do not have to be a professional photographer or an editor or a video editor, you can simply capture some relevant photos in your smartphone using some filter. People would love that picture. Do not just post because you have to, post something which makes some sense. Instead of just adding some pictures, you can add “behind the scene” shots.

Such videos might not be related to your business but they can be relevant to what you do. People tend to believe in what you do rather than what you bring to them.

Don’t overdo videos

Remember the attention span of your audience is very low, so do not make a very long video. Make small videos of a few seconds and upload them, people enjoy such videos. Do not make a long-duration video because people do not like spending more time in watching long duration video.

# Tags in Instagram

Using a hashtag is very much compulsory, for any Instagram user. People sort images using hashtags. Using hashtag, you will be able to reach even more people who wants to see your posts. You can also find people to follow by searching with the hashtag.


People still believe in human interaction; they will not believe you unless you interact with them. Hence if there are comments then react to it, reply to them back. Often people message on Instagram, try to reply to them back. Your audience would know that you are there with them and since they like to find out details by themselves.

Bleed blue

We cannot be specific; we cannot claim but the blue colour is more liked on Instagram over any other colour. Blue dominant coloured posts have got at least 24% more likes than any other post. It all depends on psychology, maybe the blue colour is more eye-soothing than any other colour.

Brand’s vibe

One of the most important things is to reach out to the people and connect them. Your brand strategy should be such that you reach out to your TG and you are able to connect them. You TG must know what is your business about and how are they going to be benefitted by you.

The information is definitely important but more important is to know be there visually. So that people are able to connect to you seeing what you do. It again refers to the attention span because people do not like to read because of the short attention span and with the presence of videos and images, reading is gradually becoming obsolete.

For example, if you are searching for “how to make pancake” and you get a result in the form of video another in the form of an article, then which one would you read?

You would obviously see the video and not the article because seeing the video will help you more.

Be present

The best way to be in the eyes of your audience is to be there present. Make posts as often as possible, make a post about recent happenings and be present on social media. Be maximum present on social media so that you do not get lost from the memory of the others. Be very active on social media. Do not make a post so late that people already know about it and they are no longer interested in the content of your post. Be socially very active and present always to do good branding.


If you are a new businessman and you are not too sure about how to start with your social media platform, then you can simply start with Instagram. Instagram Marketing is great for social media marketing. Today Instagram has the greatest number of users and you can actually reach out to the maximum target audience. If you know your target audience then you will know who exactly you should follow.


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