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How an animated explainer video could help your business

Have you ever wondered how you can promote your business in the digital world in the best possible way? Have you heard about the explainer video?

What is extraordinary about this type of video is that it is one very well planned and powerful tool that will help you sell your product in only one or two minutes video. It’s short and simple and will draw your viewers’ attention. Moreover, as an animated explainer video, with only a few points and with perfectly chosen visual and audio effects it will illustrate your business idea to the public in the best possible way.

What is an Explainer Video?

How can you differ the explainer video from the standard marketing video?

In the process of making the animated explainer video, there are a few key features involved to make it very recognizable and unique. First of all, the duration of the video, which is usually no longer than a minute, gives a clear picture of all the information of the product or the service that your business wants to present. Next, the explainer video script is carefully crafted to speak directly to the viewer and the animated part brings in attention to your brand that will allow your target audience to identify your product. Other particular details that make the explainer video distinctive are the animated characters and the voice-over artist or the narrator. He guides and in some way connects with the viewers throughout the video while addressing their needs. Lastly, the sound effects are a great factor in emphasizing the important fragments and make the explainer video even more appealing and catchy.

What are the benefits of creating an explainer video for your company?

There is a reason why creating an animated explainer video is such a trend these days! Why would businesses or startups invest in it?

To begin with, people love to watch them, especially the animated interactive part which captures their interest the most. Furthermore, research shows that it’s the most effective method of grabbing a viewer’s attention. Especially due to the fact that these videos are engaging and interesting to watch.

If you are still not convinced that it’s worth investing in making an animated explainer video, here are 4  benefits of using this video in promoting your business that would probably change your mind.

Deliver a message in a very short period of time

One of the biggest advantages of the explainer video is that is very short and manages to deliver the idea and meaning in a minute or two. People tend to lose interest while watching very long videos and usually never finish watching them until the end. This type of video, briefly and right on point, will deliver your message to the viewers. Additionally, it will explain your product’s features or present your business in a simple way.

It will increase your conversion rate

In addition, by presenting your product through an animated explainer video you will also get a pretty good conversion rate. This type of video increases their interest and the conversions are rising by 10 to 20%, according to some studies. In other words, when your viewers get interested in your product or service they will most likely buy from you.

Video content will improve your online visibility

As I mentioned earlier, the explainer video script is one very important feature in the content of the video. Along with the animation and visual and audio effects, this type of animated video explains your product or service and points out the key aspects and is presenting a sales pitch for you. Moreover, it boosts online visibility on your website. In other words, it will make the audience watch the other videos and stay on the website even longer. By doing that, it would make your viewers share the videos on other platforms and create an even higher level of visibility for your company.

Brand awareness

When creating the animated video you should have this important benefit in mind. By implementing your brand into the video through colors, logo, and the look and feel in general, you will gain brand awareness. In that way, your consumers can easily recognize your brand even in the first few seconds of watching the video. The explainer video allows you to select the audience to match your product and make them feel like this video is made just for them, for their own benefit, to meet their own needs, to see and recognize themselves in there.

Get the right video production partner

Finally, before you start creating your first animated explainer video make sure you choose the right people to help you. Instead of looking for freelancers and wasting your time in finding the entire team from different places, the best solution for you is to choose an explainer video production company. In order to have the finest explainer video, you would need to hire a team of professionals. They will handle everything for you, from creating the idea together with you to producing the best explainer video that will help you develop a high-quality animated video and help your business grow.

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