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8 simple ways to exercise effectively at work

There is more than enough information on the media about staying healthy and as much as many people would love to do that, their lifestyle won’t allow it. The average American works 8.8 hours daily and with this kind of lifestyle, there is hardly any time to engage in physical activities to keep fit.

It however doesn’t have to end with a pool of excuses, as you can still exercise at work. Fitness at work isn’t so far-fetched; there are several ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day life, even as you actively work.

Here are some simple ways to go about this:

1. Take advantage of your commute to and within work

If your workplace is a stone’s throw from your house, do you still have to take the car? You can walk down to work or jog or even ride a bicycle to exercise a bit as you go to work. You can also choose to take the stairs, rather than the elevator, to work on your calves and other leg muscles daily. As you do this daily, you get to burn more calories and stay fit despite your busy schedule.

Added benefits of taking the stairs instead of the elevator are that you can stretch some muscles on the way. Some fitness professionals suggest jumping a few steps at a time to put more tension on your muscles. You can also engage in exercises like stair lunge, stair hops, sidestep, among others.

2. Get a standing desk

Getting a standing desk might just be one of the best furniture decisions you’ll ever make, as it comes with many benefits for your health and productivity. Whether or not you already maintain a healthy lifestyle out of work, a standing desk is still a necessity to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. If you sit at your desk all day at work, then this is a necessity. Ensure you get a desk with the proper height for you and adjust your computer screen and keyboard properly to help you maintain a correct posture.

3. Work out at Your desk

While you use a standing desk, you can take the liberty to walk around a bit or do some simple exercises that do not require any equipment.  If you’re looking for how to work out at work at your desk, you can try these standing desk exercises. Take advantage of every little break you have at your desk and stretch your muscles a bit before going back to work.

4. Sit on a stability ball

You can have a stability ball somewhere in your office to perform some quick exercises for your core and body weight. This is a great way to get an abdominal workout every time you sit down and you can also use it to relax in-between work. Other benefits of a stability ball include back and spine health, improved flexibility and balance, strengthened core, cardio burn, and more. If you don’t have a stability ball at your office yet, you should consider getting one.

5. Work out during lunch

Your time might be packed all day that you barely have the time to work out but this is where your lunch break comes in. You can split the lunchtime into half and take advantage of the extra time you have to perform some quick workstation exercises. If your office has a gym, that’s perfect, as you can do a quick 15 to 30-minute exercise before going to work. And if not, you can take a walk around the office or engage in other simple physical activities. If you’re fond of working even during lunch breaks, you might want to start taking advantage of this break time to stretch your muscles.

6. Add resistance

You can make your bag heavier than usual, so you can lift some weight as you go to work, especially if you’ve chosen to walk, jog or cycle to work. With a weighted backpack, you’ll be adding resistance to your body, which will help you burn more calories. You can also volunteer to move heavy stuff around the office, as long as it is within your power, to get you active and burn some more calories.

7. Walk and talk

Waking is one of the easiest ways to burn calories but when you have a lot of work to do, you can’t possibly be walking around. However, you can walk while talking. If you have to get on a call, walk around your office or outside your workspace as you talk to the person at the other end of the phone. This could also work for one-on-one meetings; suggest to the other person to get on a walk together as you talk. This will help ensure you manage your time effectively while getting the most benefits.

8. Work out with colleagues

There are likely other people at your workplace on the same fitness journey as you. To make it fun and easier for yourself, try to get other colleagues on board and start a workout challenge. You spend most of your day at work and see these colleagues often, so you all can easily communicate and hold yourselves accountable while sharing your fitness journey so far.

Working out with a team has been proven to be effective over time and according to a study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine, it helps with improved performance and also doubles the workout time of doing it alone.

Bottom line

As the world gets busier daily, we can’t escape the fact that we will always spend more time at work. However, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The tips shared in this article will help you exercise effectively while at work, so you can maximize the little time you have. Take advantage of these simple ways to exercise at work and if you can keep up with them, you’d notice a difference in your health in the long run

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