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Get a new smartphone for Christmas? Maybe it’s time to donate your old device

The sad truth is, a lot of us are glued to our smartphones. This year, more than ever, these little devices have become our connection to the outside world as well as a source of entertainment.

Due to their importance in our day to day lives, it’s understandable that we want to upgrade when our current model isn’t working like it used to. I recently went through this when moving from an older iPhone 8 to the new iPhone SE. While they look almost identical, it’s so nice having a fast phone again especially since it’s being used so much more lately.

One thing I noticed though, was how long it took me to make this decision. I knew I was going to stick with iPhone and but still felt the need to look through all the new specs before eventually clicking buy.

A decision that I don’t put as much effort into though, is what I’m going to do with my old phone.  I usually sell it online but this time, when looking online for a site that would give me the most for it, I realised that there were other sites where I could donate it.

While I was initially sceptical about giving my phone away for free, when I could get some money for it, I started to think about how important my phone is to me when doing everyday tasks and how much of a struggle it may be to not have one and not be able to purchase one.

I think it’s easier for us to forget just how powerful these devices are, they are essentially high powered computers that fit in the palm of our hands.

I think this fact is the reason many of us should look into donating our old phones when we’re done with them. Not only does this spare landfills from even more tech-waste but it gives someone in need a chance to own one of these computers.

While many of us just use them to make calls and texts, scroll through social media and shop online, for some people having a smartphone can make a huge difference in their life.

For refugees and those who live in the UK on temporary visas, their smartphone may be the only piece of smart technology they own and being without one may mean that they cannot get any support that they may need.

Whether you’re changing up your handset to a completely new brand like I did or just getting the latest upgrade on the one you already have, think about those who could put your old handsets to good use and look into companies that will allow you to donate them.

From supporting the second-hand economy, to helping someone in need of what we take for granted, donating your phone whenever you upgrade can really make a difference.

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