Upping the Likes on Instagram: How to achieve social media fame in 3 easy steps

Did you know that Instagram has a billion monthly users?

Additionally, the social media application sees up to 3.5 billion likes on any given day.

What’s that say for those seeking social media fame? Well, not only do you have some hefty competition, but you’ve got plenty of inspiration, too—your silver lining. You might not get as many Instagram likes as Ariana Grande’s post announcing her most recent engagement, but you could join the rankings of the many influencers out there today by using the right steps.

It’s not impossible. Here’s how.

1. Keep it consistent – your theme, aesthetic, or mission

Don’t think you can become famous on Instagram for free?

Think again.

Most of the tips for upping your Instagram game are entirely free. All the advice you’ll find starts with one common idea: to have a general niche or theme that you abide by and stick to as you post.

Some common themes cover these bases (and much more):

  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion and/or OOTDs (OOTD = outfit of the day)
  • Pets
  • Relationships
  • Health and wellness
  • Fitness

Whether your specialty is gymnastics, welding, or something entirely different, use Instagram as a platform for highlighting what you’re good at.

By doing so, your page will come off as authentic, informative, and interesting—a recipe for likes and follows. Once your niche has been established, keep your photos within the same color scheme/posting theme to double down on quality.

2. Post regularly, too

There are several reasons to post consistently, none of which have anything to do with your post number itself. Rather, it’s all about providing an experience to your followers that is regular and scheduled (enough) to give them something to rely on.

Consistent posting offers your page the following benefits:

  • More engagement from followers
  • Better authenticity
  • A leg-up on the post-hungry Instagram algorithm
  • The perception of a business or work ethic, value, or whatever message it is you’re sending
  • Data crawlers have several insights to monitor, providing you with even more metrics to analyze your social media game by

Speaking of measurements—don’t neglect to use the free tools provided to us by Instagram!

3. Use the built-in analytics to measure your progress

On Instagram, these metrics are known as ‘Account Insights.’

Only profiles deemed ‘Business’ or ‘Creator’ can see these metrics, but they’re easy to tap into by changing some settings. You can easily change your account from personal to professional with the swipe of a button. Plus, once you reach a certain amount of followers, even more insights open up for you.

You can now view various insights about your posts, stories, IGTV videos, Reels, and more. This invaluable information can help you create even more engaging content that resides with your followers.

Achieve social media fame with these tips

Next thing you know, you’ll be featured on the uber-famous @influencersinthewild!

On a serious note, Instagram is a fantastic way to promote your message, your value, your mission, your product—or whatever it is you’re wanting to cultivate there. It’s the social media app to end all social media apps (for now), allowing you to be creative, innovative, and in charge of your results all at once.

Social media fame is right around the corner. What’s next?

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