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4 ways to raise your business technology’s reliability

In today’s mobile economy, reliable technology is essential for business success, even if you’re not a tech company. Technology is one of the fastest-rising priorities for businesses today, a survey of CEOs by Gartner shows. Thirty-one percent of CEOs say IT is one of their top business priorities, a higher number than ever before.

With technology playing such a vital role in business today, it’s vital that your company has a reliable technological infrastructure. Here are four steps you can take to raise the reliability of your company’s business technology.

Choose a more reliable wireless provider

With the role mobile phones play today, a reliable wireless carrier is one of the most important technology priorities. Wireless carrier reliability can be evaluated in terms of a number of different variables, including overall network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance and texting performance. Providers’ performance on these factors can vary not only by brand but also by location as well as time of day. The only way to know objectively how a particular carrier performs in your area versus another provider is to conduct tests. RootMetrics conducts extensive statistical tests of wireless providers’ reliability as measured by multiple criteria and provides an online map you can use to check provider performance in different regions and metropolitan areas in the United States.

Use reliable cloud servers and services

Your company’s web hosting provider and app providers also form crucial components of your technology infrastructure. Hosting network reliability is measured in terms of the percent of uptime the network delivers on average. This is typically expressed in “nines.” For instance, a network with 90 percent availability (one nine) will be down 10 percent of the time, equivalent to 36.5 days a year or 2.4 hours a day. A network with 99 percent reliability (two nines) will be down 3.65 days a year, or 14.4 minutes per day. A network with five nines, or 99.999 percent uptime, is considered to have high availability, equivalent to 5.26 minutes of downtime per year or 864.3 milliseconds per day.

Generally speaking, top cloud servers tend to have more availability due to the fact that cloud providers have backup systems distributed throughout different parts of the country as a safeguard against local emergencies. CloudSquare provides recent data on the uptime availability of leading cloud hosting providers, which include Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Uptrends gives a breakdown of the reliability of popular cloud-based apps, such as GitHub, Slack, Automattic and MailChimp.

Invest in reliable equipment

The reliability of your equipment is another important element in your company’s tech infrastructure. Equipment reliability is closely related to processing speed and performance as well as battery life. A fast processor is needed to maintain a reliable connection, while a long-lasting battery keeps your equipment running when you need it.

The best equipment combines both these features. For instance, 4G LTE laptop units powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform are designed to maintain a constant connection by combining reliable connectivity with battery efficiency. The Snapdragon’s lightning-quick processor supports ultra-fast 4G laptop and 4G LTE connections, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with backward compatibility for legacy 3G and 2G networks to ensure reliable connections even in remote areas with slower wireless carriers. Qualcomm-powered 4G LTE laptops also use batteries efficiently, transmitting data quickly and then returning to sleep mode to preserve power.

Automate your file backup

A reliable tech infrastructure also requires a reliable file backup system. The best backup practice is the 3-2-1 rule, which prescribes creating at least three copies of your important data, using at least two different media, with at least one copy stored in a separate location than your physical site.

You can implement this rule more easily by using a cloud backup service to automatically create backups of your data to be stored remotely. Reputable and well-known companies, like Carbonite, are great options for securely backing up your data.

Finding reliable tech for your business is crucial to your longevity. From wireless services to cloud storage providers, be sure all the programs you use are just as committed to your success as you are.

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