Online game creates two millionaires in less than a week

A popular online game has created two millionaire winners under seven days, demonstrating the truly random chance of winning.

It appears that players of the progressive slots game Mega Moolah have been on a hot streak lately. A Unibet player scooped an impressive $9 million (£6.8m) after just eight spins at the end of September and was soon followed by a Betway player that picked up $1.9 million (£1.45m) on the first of October.

On hearing the news of the two wins so close together, David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming said:

“Two hits and another instant millionaire made by Mega Moolah in less than a week! Congratulations to Betway and their player on this mega win.”

Two large wins in such a short time-frame is unusual for the game, which generally has a winner every two or three months, but demonstrates that the game is truly random and so we should not be surprised by the results.

Microgaming’s popular title has been around for over a decade now and you can play Mega Moolah on as well as on various other properties around the web. The game currently holds the record for the biggest progressive jackpot ever paid out in the online casino world, with one player walking away with a life-changing $17.5 million (£13.2m) in October 2015.

Wins rarely reach the heights that would get the winner in the Guinness Book or World Records, but it is not uncommon for the jackpot to grow to more than a million dollars and the headlines such wins produce inspires hope in players that the next big winner could be them.

The fact that the Mega Moolah offers a leading 94% RTP and a max bet of £6.25 also makes it popular with players, along with the fun safari-themed interface complete with lions, giraffes, and antelopes. The game incorporates four progressive jackpots, with the Mega pot guaranteed to pay out a million dollars, but can grow to significantly more than that, as this news reveals.

The odds of becoming a millionaire winner may be tiny, but just like with a lottery people are attracted to the chance that the next life-changing win could be them. Everyone has a dream of the houses, boats, and cars they could own if they were a millionaire, and the Mega jackpot with Mega Moolah is an enticing gamble for the possibility.

Photograph by 123debbiei