6 Snapchat filters you should use right away

Snapchat filters make the entire Snapchat platform more fun and interactive, and there are a bunch you may not know about. Here are the best Snapchat filters.

As of January 2019, there are 92 million Snapchat users in the U.S. It’s rising the ranks of most popular social media platforms because of its reach. 

Snapchat makes sense for both social and business ventures. It has a great millennial base, and it has plenty of room for creative approaches. But, before you start using, you should know how to use Snapchat filters to your benefit. 

What’s the Big Deal About Snapchat Filters? 

Today, almost everyone has a strong selfie game. People capture themselves in mirrors, with other people, or doing their favorite activity. 

Snapchat has given everyone even more options when it comes to their pictures. These customizable options come in the form of filters. Why are these filters such a big deal? 

The reason these filters have everyone talking is that they are the first of their kind. Before, the options were limited to what Instagram had to offer, which are color changing filters only.

Now, people can create narratives with their photos, all with a few clicks. 

The Best Snapchat Filters

Not sure where to get started with filters and lenses? Here are some of the best filters to use on Snapchat. 

1. Fun Glasses 

Want to take a pic with stylish glasses but don’t have any? Snapchat has you covered. They cycle their glasses filters options every so often, and they never disappoint. 

2. The Puppy 

The puppy filter is one of the most popular, and it’s no wonder why. 

The puppy is cute, lovable, and changes with the season. Let your tongue hang out with a friend or solo. 

3. The Face Swap

Ever wondered what you’d look like as your significant other? Now you can see for yourself with the face swap option. 

Stand next to your person of choice, and let the face finder do its job. There have been plenty of nightmarish outcomes. But it’s also been a lot of fun. 

4. The Flower Crown 

The flower crown is everyone’s festival dream. Always wanted to look like a sweet, glowing princess? Snap yourself in the crown, and enjoy the perfect outcome. 

5. Season’s Filter

Every season, Snapchat releases a filter for the season. These include falling leaves and snowflakes that make you look like you’re outdoors. 

These are great for pantomiming snowflakes on your tongue. 

6. Create Your Own 

Sometimes, you can’t make up your mind about an existing filter. But did you know you can create your own Snapchat geofilters?

Adobe offers a free Snapchat filter maker. You can customize colors, backgrounds, texts to go over your Snapchat messages. 

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Snapchat filters are a great way to reach across the divide. Geofilters let people know where you are. And when they’re customized, they also tell people what you do without having to speak. 

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Image by Tero Vesalainen