Car interior

Amazing must-have gadgets & accessories for your car

While we all love our motors; accessorising our cars is one of the joys of auto ownership. Car accessories is big business – the global market is set to jump from $490 billion to $522 billion in 2022, according to Statista – partly due to the sheer number of amazing devices and doodads out there that are available to drivers.

Whether you’ve got a lease you’d like to jazz up or you want to pimp your fully owned vehicle the best way possible, here are some of our favourite in-car accessories.


Okay, this one isn’t too exiting, but it’s a practical necessity on today’s ever-busier roads. A dashcam (and one looking outwards behind your boot) will protect you from unscrupulous drivers that might bump your car and drive off, or try and blame you for a crash that was 100% their fault. Simply pointing out the presence of the dashcam can be enough to deter would-be criminals too.

Remote key finders

Everyone goes through the mini heart attack of losing their car keys from time to time, but new tech means that this annoying happening will fast become a thing of the past. With a remote key finder, simply attach the dongle to your keys, download an app, and use your phone to locate the exact location of your keys within moments of losing them!

LED lighting

If you’re a lover of all things sci-fi and cyber, then why not catapult your car into neon beyond with interior LED lighting for your car. There are lots of different types of LED in-car lighting systems to choose from, including LED strip lighting that comes in a range of colours and even reacts to the music playing in your car! If you’re into car modification and want something that’ll complement your whomping sound system, these flashy lights could be it!

Car chair cushions

While they might look it, many car seats are not particularly comfortable, making long drives a painful chore for lots of people. Thankfully, there are lots of purpose-built cushions available, which can boost you up higher, alleviate lower lumber pain, or even massage your back while you ride!

Dust caps

A must-have for any driver that loves things a little kitsch, but has come to the end of the road in terms of accessorising their car, dust caps are the final frontier when it comes to automotive personalisation. Coming in an endless variety of designs, they’re a perfect choice if you already own a fluffy pair of dice, beaded chair covers, in-car DVD player, and headlamp eyelashes, and want to go even further in your quest to differentiate your car from the rest of the road.

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