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Best blogging tips to market your gadgets

When it comes right down to marketing your gadget stock, it’s crucial to know the best channels for technology products. While you can always rely on traditional approaches, you will still need to adapt to new ways of engaging potential customers if you want to break past the competition.

Blogging is one channel you can’t afford to ignore. It offers many great benefits in terms of building your brand, growing your influence, and attracting potential sales opportunities.

Sure enough, maintaining a blog for your gadget shop offers a great deal of advantages.  For one, at least 77% of all internet users read blogs, and you can definitely count potential customers among these users. It’s for this reason that, according to HubSpot, about 53% of businesses say that blogging is their top content strategy.

That being said, your gadget sales can benefit greatly from blogging. Still, this depends on how well you structure your blog and produce content that drives important metrics in your marketing. These tips will definitely give you an idea on how to leverage blogging for your gadget dealership…

1. Start with your KPIs

Before content production, you will need to set up your benchmarks. This is crucial since these benchmarks form the goals you align with your overall business strategy. Moreover, these can inform you of the specific actions to take in planning the content you will be publishing on your blog.

In this sense, setting up your KPIs is instrumental in making sure your blog performs as expected. Metrics such as bounce rates, organic traffic, referrals, and unique pageviews can provide you with everything you need to know about the health of your blogging campaign.

2. Know what you want to write about

After you have set your KPIs, you will need to focus on what content to churn out. Since you are running a gadget dealership, you will obviously focus on writing about your niche.

In terms of improving your brand’s reputation and influence, you can explore topics about the history of gaming laptops and recent innovations in tech. You can also use content curation tools such as Scoop.It and Buzzsumo. This enables you to determine the keywords and topics you will be using for your blog articles.

3. Provide visual materials

Going beyond articles, you will also need to balance them out with infographics, slideshows, and other visual materials.

Having engaging graphics in your blogging campaign can greatly increase conversions because it provides real value to your audience.

4. Invest in SEO

SEO is an important ingredient in maintaining an effective blog. It provides your brand with visibility, allowing you to attract more customers to your gadget store.

This is best handled through effective keyword planning. Using platforms like Google’s Search Console, you can generate a list of possible keywords with SEO value. Aside from keyword planning, you will also need to optimize the readability of your articles and make sure to properly use header tags.

5. Create marketing collaterals

Aside from articles, you can also produce resources such as white papers and other downloadable content. This would improve your reputation considerably on top of providing your sales funnel an effective way to convert leads into sales.

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