Tech tools to help you run your business

Running a business is challenging and time-consuming and even if you love the challenge, chances are you wouldn’t say no to some help.

There are lots of fantastic tech tools that can offer you help and make the running of your business far easier, not to mention far more efficient, should you choose to use them. Here are some of the best: is home to some fantastic financial and personal budgeting software which you can use as an individual or a business. You can sue ti to do everything from tracking your income and expenses to tracking your financial goals and even producing reports. It costs $60 to use once your trial period is over, but it’s far less expensive than an accountant and very easy to use, which means keeping on top of your company’s finances is easier than ever.

Templafy BrandChecker

If you need help with your corporate branding, this is the tool for you. What is corporate branding? It is the way your business presents itself from your logo to the style and function of your website to your values, ads signage and so on. If you get this wrong, you will struggle to appeal to your target audience and your sales will not be anywhere near as good as they have the potential to be. The BrandChecker can help you with this by ensuring that your brand is consistent across the board and you can manage this in very little time at all.


One of the biggest time sucks in business, and something that doesn’t really utilize your skills and make you more money is the management of your calendar. If you run a big business, then you probably have an employee to deal with that sort of stuff for you, but if not, chances are you have to manage that stuff yourself. If that’s the case, you need ScheduleOne, which is an excellent free calendar management app. ScheduleOne syncs with Google Calendars and allows you to block off time as you wish. If you upgrade to the paid version for just $5 per month, you can set up reminder emails use multiple colors to give you a visual representation of your week and more besides.


PicMonkey is an excellent online editing tool which makes it easy for anyone to create graphics which can be used to illustrate blog or social media posts and to make your website look more personalized. It costs just $33 annually, which is far cheaper than hiring a graphic designer, and it will make your life easier online too.


When it comes to taking payments, Gumraod is one of the best tools out there right now. It is easy to install on any website and you can automate things such as digital delivery of goods so that you can just install it and leave it be.Try out these tools and the burden of running a small business will soon start to lift as they do the bulk of the work for you.