Business in a box: 6 steps that lead to a successful digital product launch

Digital businesses are the way of the world today. Anyone who limits themselves to a brick and mortar shop to sell their product is missing out on a multi-billion dollar annual market.

But just because you release your product digitally doesn’t mean it’ll be an automatic hit. You  have to take strategic steps to launch your product for maximum results.

There are some tried and true methods that basically create a digital business process through boxed steps. When you’re ready to showcase your product to the world, follow these 6 steps for a successful launch.
Follow These Steps Before You Launch

Without due diligence beforehand, you’ll likely miss some important aspects that will become apparent after your launch – painfully.

These six steps will walk you through start to finish to maximize your digital product launch:

1. Do your research

If you’ve made it to this point, you’ve likely already built your product. You know that you need to ensure that there’s a need it can fill in the digital market, and that it can compete with other already active products.

From there, you determine your niche, or how you’ll compete against those already in the field. What do you have to offer that they don’t?

Part of this research requires keyword analytics. Your product name and description needs to show up on a top Google search, and you need to know who your target user groups are. What are they typing in as problems, and how can your product offer a solution?

2. Set your milestones

Analyze the data to compile a target user profile, complete with income bases, jobs, ages, gender, and goals. Take this information, along with your project goals, to come up with milestones to track your progress.

Quantify your data with a system of metrics that you can measure and compare frequently. Use the results to adjust your actions as necessary.

3. Do a soft launch/h2>
Prototypes are important. You need users to work with your program and iron out any possible bugs before you spend a lot of money marketing the final digital product.

Make sure you have everything in order and ready to go for your users to download and pay for the product. Having multiple payment solutions helps attract a wider audience.

4. Promote your product

Once you are satisfied that everything is in working order and you’ve taken care of any issues that arose in your soft launch, you can now begin marketing your product.

Use strategies like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, cross-promotional blogging, and as much social media presence as you can get.

5. Follow up with users

Don’t just sell your product and disappear. Create a system where you regularly follow up with your users to get feedback. This could be through direct email, surveys, or in-app data collection. Use the follow-up information to adjust your product as necessary.

6. Continue to market through other avenues/h2>
You want to keep your product brand in everyone’s mind, even after your launch. As you are able to, invest in marketing through other avenues. Get user reviews, encourage videos of them using your product, and create your own demos and offers.

Ready to Launch? Take it Slow

You’re excited to get your product out there and start bringing in some revenue, but don’t put the cart before the horse. Follow these six steps slowly and thoroughly, and before you know it, you’ll have a successful digital product!

Photograph by Lalmch