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As a business, you need to use different tools to keep up with the competition. No matter what your industry is, there are so many AI tools you can utilize, different apps, and business management and relationship tools to implement, to ensure your company’s success. If you are planning to redevelop your website, or simply want to reassess your company’s position among other competitors, consider some of these tools to help you do that.


If you order supplies from the same vendor weekly, or make a recurring subscription payment, you might choose platforms like chargify. The billing solution/platform automises these tasks for you. So, you’ll never forget to write a check for a supplier, resulting in them not making a delivery. You’ll always know your employees are paid on time, rent is paid, and other recurring expenses and bills are taken care of, without you have to worry about them as a business owner, who has other things on your mind.


Many people think of it as a backlink checker, and nothing more. However, ahrefs can do much more. You can search SEO-keywords, backlinks, long-tail keywords, find out where broken links are on your site, and other industry-based, niche-details about your competitors, to better reestablish your business and site. Utilising the tools offered through ahrefs, fixing site issues, removing dead or broken links, and incorporating different suggestions from the platform, will greatly help your company grow.


A platform like MailChimp is a great solution for automising email subscriptions. Newsletters, sending out mass-email messages to clients, or building an email list for your company, can seem like a daunting task. This business app helps you do these tasks with the touch of a button, grow your business, build meaningful campaigns, and only reach the audience, which is truly interested in the messages and campaigns you are sending out.

The more integrated an approach you take as a business, the greater the results are going to be within your niche. As a business owner, you have so much to think about and so much on your plate, it can be difficult to think about the basic necessities you often overlook; this can lead to failure or losing your audience base over time. Consider implementing some of these, and other business management and integration apps, to ensure greater success, retention, and better time-management skills for yourself as a business professional, looking to grow your business from the inside out.

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