Must have apps for football fans

If you’re a a hardcore football fan, you probably can’t stand not being able to watch the games live, especially the ones of you favourite team(s). But then life happens and nobody can ever watch everything they want. Fortunately there’s a solution for pretty much every problem out there, and when it comes to football – apps are your friends. Here are a few apps you’ll want to have in your phone, whatever happens. Especially now that the Premier League has just started again. With these apps you’ll never have to wonder who’s winning the big game, or who scored the goal during which minute.


Skores app is probably one of the best live scores app out there for football, offering you live scores, game summaries, details, everything about every player for every game out there. See replays of all goals of all matches instantly, receive live goal alerts to your phone, and much more. And as with most of the other apps, it’s all free. It’s available both for IOS and Android.


This app offers you breaking news, scoring information, analysis, and more. To keep an eye on scores of your favourite team or league, you can simply add it as your favourite. If you want to watch the games straight from your device, you’ll need to get their $5-a-month ESPN+ service within the app, or you also have the $49.99 annual option.


TheScore app gives you up-to-the-second game updates as well as statistics you might need. The app gives you access to information about 20+ leagues, 800+ teams, and more than 15 000 players.

Yahoo Sports app

While the app has many other features as well, the app offers very detailed player, team and game statistics as well as customizable notifications to alert you about the game start. While this app has a good amount of football information, it’s main target are American customers, so they also offer you lots of information about NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and more.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Not all of us are strictly into football or even real sports. So this app is there to help you with your fantasy football. You can create and join fantasy football teams and leagues, set up team lineups, track scores, and so on. There are also daily as well as weekly fantasy games where you can win real money.

Bleacher Report app

This app should be thought of as Google News for sports fans. You pick your favorite teams and you’ll get relevant real-time notifications about it from different sources around the web. The app also offers you rankings and predictions all on the go. And it also offers you the chance to sync your fantasy football account and get the info about your players.


You suddenly realise that your team has a game and you don’t have a ticket for it. StubHub is a service allowing users to buy and sell tickets to games.

Although we’re talking about Football, many of these apps can actually deliver everything we mentioned about pretty much every sport out there. But then again, if you’re just into football…

Photograph by MarkusWeber93