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Four online business ideas for 2021 that you can run from home

Given that the topic of online business money-making ideas caught your eye, there are a few reasons to start an online business, especially after the year 2020. One of them is to earn some extra money. Online business is an excellent way to combine studies and work. Also, to pay off student loans.

The second reason is one of the biggest events of 2020 – the pandemic. A lot of people lost their jobs during this crisis. And not knowing when it’s going to end, it’s only smart to create a job for yourself. The kind that you can always do at home. And lastly – the numbers show how the eCommerce market grew last year. This growth reveals great potential for an online business.

It doesn’t matter whichever of the reasons motivated you to want to start an online business. With the tendency of growth, a new online startup has a great chance of succeeding. Thus, in this article, we’ll share some best online business ideas if you still haven’t chosen one for yourself.

Idea #1: Build an online store

Building an online store has great potential to become your main long-term source of income. At first, you can build a website and start selling goods. Also, invest a limited amount of money in advertising. But don’t invest too much. Try to foresee how much the number of customers will increase and if you can handle it with the time you have.

To save time, build your online store based on a service like Printify – print on demand platform for Shopify. Here are some examples of products you can sell: mugs, stickers, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, posters, notebooks. Pick whichever you like, and in the future, you can scale and expand your business by introducing even more merchandise.

When you have your product chosen, you’ll need a design for it. And there are 3 ways to create your design. You can either design it yourself, use a template, or hire a professional designer. If you have time and money, it is recommended to go with a customized design.

Idea #2: Start a podcast

At first, blogging became popular. Then there was a wave of YouTube vloggers and other YouTubers. By the way, the trend of YouTubers is still lasting. But what has been trending even more for a couple of years is podcasting. Some of the most popular podcasts are in the video format. But there are a lot of successful ones in audio format too.

Keep in mind that video content is king these days. Just like other types of visual content are. This might require more editing. But a platform like YouTube will also drive more audience to your channel.

To start podcasting, have a specific topic and be consistent. If you want people to subscribe to your channel, stream your podcast on multiple platforms, create engaging content, and communicate through social media. To monetize it, you can review certain software, games, or anything else, depending on your chosen theme.

Idea #3: Become a copywriter

To become a good copywriter, you will need two ingredients: skill and patience. The more you practice, the better you will become. Copywriting is not just creative work. It has a lot of psychology and marketing elements in it. Therefore if your only experience is writing good essays, you’ll need to go through some training.

Practicing and training to become a better copywriter is worth it. Copywriters are highly needed professionals these days. Just like graphic designers are. Who can imagine a successful online business without a vibrant website and good copy? But not just any copy – the one that sells.

Idea #4: Start a logo design business

Running a logo design business is very convenient during the pandemic because you can easily do it from home. Even if you start as a solo designer, you can build up your business to a virtual agency in the future. And you have to admit that working from home has its perks. For example – you save a lot of time. There is no need to spend hours in traffic while commuting to and from work.

Of course, you will need to create a workspace and choose great gadgets to work from a home office for yourself. Then, create a portfolio – you can find plenty of free website templates on the internet. Make the portfolio creative to show off your graphic design skills. After you are all set up, find your first clients in logo contests like 99designs. And who knows, after winning the logo contest, the company that chooses your logo might offer you a contract to work full-time.

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