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Why online bingo thrived during lockdown

Online bingo has been a hugely popular pastime for many people over the last few months. Like many games, it’s provided us with some fun during many difficult moments as we are unable to see friends and family.

But why bingo? Why have people taken to it so well in recent times and will it continue?

It’s believed that many online bingo sites saw a rise in players of up to 30% in the early stages of lockdown, with existing customers also playing more frequently. There are many reasons for this, and it’s no surprise to see bingo up there with many of the free-to-play games in the app stores and online.

A global community

One of the big reasons online bingo has really thrived during lockdown is the community it has built around itself. In real offline bingo halls, it’s a huge part of how people play, engaging with the people around their table and setting aside weekly evenings to play with friends.

That has transferred seamlessly online, with the ability to chat with friends in bingo chat rooms. They’ve become hugely positive places to be, with plenty encouragement and people making real friendships.

What’s more, bingo chat rooms also have in-room games which keep the thrills going, establishing themselves as places to be and not to miss out on.

Simplicity of gaming

Another reason online bingo sites have thrived is down to the simplicity of the games. Everyone knows how to play bingo and it’s a game that has been around for generations, meaning it’s appealing to both old and younger adults.

There’s very little skill needed, and the rules simply require you to mark off the numbers drawn out by the computer. Unlike more comprehensive games, nobody is going to get lost with it and due to this, it’s ideal for playing at home or on the go via smartphone.

But while it may be a simple concept, the variety of games available in online bingo halls is also now making it more appealing than ever before. Sites these days cater to all types of player, and now offer the more traditional games such as 75 or 90 ball bingo, which appeal to the players who wish to spend a bit more time enjoying the game. Alternatively though, you’ll also find the likes of speed bingo, which are designed for those players who just want to enjoy a quick five minutes.

That’s on top of a number of bingo variations like slingo bingo and roulette bingo which are adding even more excitement to the game.

A sense of nostalgia

What’s more, while online bingo is a game that is certainly one for the future, there’s always been an element of nostalgia associated with bingo, unlike many casino games or video games. At the moment, nostalgia is what many people are reliant upon, during a time when the future is so uncertain.

Holidays at seaside resorts playing bingo or a weekly trip to the local village hall are reminding people of the better times and that’s encouraging people to take up the mobile variant and capture some of that happiness.

And it’s working too. The online bingo community is alive and in many cases it’s a laugh a minute.

What online bingo sites now need to do is keep hold of those players. As we begin to enter a second phase of the virus with the closing of bingo halls either early or indefinitely, it’s highly likely they will, and become a permanent fixture in many people’s lives as they continue to seek comfort, entertainment and thrills through their smartphones and laptops. Online bingo has long been on the rise now, but the lockdown as really made it thrive, and there’s very little sign of that slowing down.

Photograph by Skitterphoto