Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Four reason you’ll love binge-watching on the Samsung Galaxy Note8

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is an exciting release with eye-catching features like an 83 percent screen-to-body ratio and sleek smart S Pen drawing new users in. This phone offers outstanding functionality for everything from smartphone photography to quick handwritten note-taking, but habitual binge-watchers will find it useful for something else entirely. This phone is equipped with the perfect form and features for streaming your favourite shows right from your hand.

A fast processor and long battery provide smooth streaming

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is well-equipped to provide smooth interruption-free streaming for viewers because of the 2.35 GHz Qualcomm Octa-core processor with 64-bit architecture. It also offers 6 GB of RAM and 50.6 GB of user memory. This phone supports nearly all forms of digital video including MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG-4, ASF, M4V, and more.

Settle in with the Samsung Galaxy Note8, and you’ll have no trouble pulling up your favorite streaming service and catching up with the latest episodes. The battery’s 3300mAh capacity can supply you with up to 18 hours of video playback. Equipped for wireless charging, the Note8 makes it easy to recharge when you run out.

The large screen lets you see it all

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is one of its most compelling selling points. The Infinity Display spans an impressive 6.3 inches with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, making it an outstanding choice for watching your favorite shows in the palm of your hand. It’s large enough to let you see the action, while still providing a compact viewing experience that you can take anywhere. The slim bezel and square shape mimic the lines of a television, so you’re not sacrificing anything to rounded corners or edges. Flat surface space is maximized with this design for optimum viewing.

The phone is so clearly designed for entertainment viewing that many of its accessories work to enhance this functionality. The military-grade Protective Standing Cover features a built-in kickstand that holds the phone up for hands-free viewing that’s ideal for a nightstand or end table, so you can cozy up in your favorite spot with an outstanding view of the action.

Affordable accessibility makes it an easy choice

Considering all its features and functionality, you’ll be impressed with the affordable Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price with T-Mobile. Easy financing lets you roll the price of the phone into your regular plan, so you can pay a reasonable amount every month while enjoying all the immersive elements of this device.

Pairing your smartphone with a reliable and accessible network like T-Mobile will help you get the most out of everything the Note8 has to offer. You should have no trouble connecting easily to Wi-Fi or streaming data as needed to access your favorite movies, shows, and shorts with this perfect pairing.

Multi-window mode lets you multi-task

Multi-window mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a must for multi-taskers. If you simply can’t sit down with just one item on your agenda, this phone will let you handle it all simultaneously. With multi-window mode, you can keep your show up and running while you open a second app to take care of other pressing matters.

Text your friends about the movie’s big reveal right as it’s happening, check your email without missing a moment, or swipe through sports scores for real-time updates all while you’re watching your favorite shows. If you’ve ever hassled with the back-and-forth of pausing your show to check texts or other alerts repeatedly while watching on your phone, you’ll instantly understand how revolutionary this feature is for the habitual streamer. You can enjoy all the convenience of a second screen with just one device when you have the Samsung Galaxy Note8 in your hand.

If you’re looking for a smartphone that will provide an outstanding viewing experience for mobile streaming, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is an obvious choice. You’ll have easy access to all your favourite shows on a device that can go anywhere and do it all. The hardest part will be putting it down.

Photograph by Tinh Te