HP Business Printers: Generation Game

Generation Game: Quickly printing a cuddly bear

Printers have come a long way since the days of having enough time to grab a cup of coffee while the office inkjet spat out the twenty sheets you needed for your meeting. Today, HP Business Printers can print as many as 75 pages per minute – so we all have to make different excuses to pop out for a caffeine fix.

To show how fast their latest PageWide printers can print, HP challenged a number of bloggers to take part in a fun spin on the Generation Game TV show of the 90s, where contestants had to remember various prizes as they came down the conveyor belt. The twist in this reboot, is that rather than items from a TV to a cuddly bear coming down the conveyor built – the items are printed onto sheets of paper.

The bloggers were able to keep the items they remembered, from laptops to speakers, to sunscreen – but too few remembered the cuddly bear!