Mobile gaming

The unstoppable rise of mobile gaming

It seems we all have a phone these days that could be described more as a handheld device rather than an actual phone. We use apps more than we talk to people, and more importantly we have access to a huge wealth of games right at our fingertips.

What caused this growth in gaming, and will it ever end? The simple answer to that is, not in the foreseeable future. Technology is evolving every day and companies like Apple and Google are working on their operating systems and phones to make them better every year. We line up at the store on the first day of sale to get the latest technology, and all to have that latest phone.

When looking at the rise of gaming on these devices, it all started on the humble devices like the Nokia Phone which offered Snake. Technology improved, and Java made its way onto these devices and all of a sudden, we have better graphics and more complicated gameplay, and the world of gaming took notice.

While the more elite gamer may argue that gaming on a phone isn’t really gaming, the real fact is it is. It may be casual, but it gives enjoyment, and most importantly it makes lots of cash. Some of the big games such as Candy Crush Saga make huge amounts of money for their creators, and with in-app purchases available there is a steady income for the big companies that now own the games.

There was a time that in-app purchases were seen as a bad thing, though nowadays they seem to be more accepted. So, called ‘Freemium’ games offer the download for free and allow a player to play the game at no cost. To make real progress though an injection of money can make things all the easier. This is where the Freemium game becomes a goldmine.

Looking at the games we now play in 2017, we are spoilt for choice. With the behemoths such as Pokémon Go and Hearthstone, to the online casino sites such as Casino Cruise that have also taken advantage of the technology, there is plenty of choices for the mobile gamer. With technology getting even better, it will be interesting to see what the next few years will bring.

The evolution of mobile gaming is set to continue well into the future, and this is a very good thing for all gamers. Whatever your choice of game, there is something on a mobile device to suit your needs, you just need to find it.

Photograph by Chanzj