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How AR / VR technologies will change the igaming industry

The modern world is being transformed under the influence of the achievements of science and technology. Information technology is changing the way things are familiar in all areas of human life. They also affected the online gambling industry, which traditionally focuses on advanced Internet users.

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The main trend in the development of online gambling in Canada and in the whole world in recent years is the movement towards the provision of services in the format of virtual and augmented reality.

The essence of technology

Virtual reality is a digital technology that creates the illusion of being in a fictional world. The user is in a 3D environment and can interact with objects represented in it.

Augmented reality – a partial use of the elements of virtual reality when 3D objects fit into the user’s real environment (for example home, street, etc).

For immersion in a digital environment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality use VR headsets and controllers.

Using AR and VR in gambling

Technological solutions for creating artificial worlds provide developers with great opportunities in achieving the effect of presence for the consumer of digital content. The first companies to see the potential in such technologies were studios specializing in creating interactive entertainment.

Fans of gambling using augmented and virtual reality guarantees complete immersion in the gameplay. In fact, a gambler can visit a casino, play slot machines, roulette, and blackjack, communicate with other visitors of the institution, without leaving home, but experiencing a sense of the reality of what is happening. This can be done, for example, in the Casinonic casino.

Online platforms offering players the first VR casinos with a 3D environment, as well as Live Casino, in which live dealers control the course of the game, have taken this development path. Recent projects use broadcasts with image capture by special cameras, which allows a client with a VR headset to feel their presence at the gaming table on the other side of the screen.

The development of VR gambling

The development of online casinos using virtual reality technology is a high-cost process in financial terms and a complex project in terms of software implementation. The software for VR casinos can be used by the operator only when establishing a high-speed Internet connection with the user and must be updated in a timely manner by the developer.

At the same time, the customers of the institution will receive a completely new gaming experience with detailed visualization of the process, realistic sound accompaniment and even obtaining tactile sensations when interacting with objects of the virtual world. Players will be able to hold and look at cards and chips, press the buttons of slot machines in the usual way, greet other visitors with a handshake, etc.

Major software developers are turning a blind eye to the high cost and technological complexity of creating a virtual 3D casino. They understand that the first such projects in the gambling industry will revolutionize and become drivers for the development of the gambling sphere. And their operators will receive a competitive advantage and will be able to earn more money on gambling.

VR casino providers

The bright prospects for using innovative technologies are forcing the largest players in the international gambling market to move towards providing their audience with relevant content.


The company specializes in creating software for online casinos. It pays particular attention to key trends in the field of gambling, offering customers platforms for virtual gambling establishments using cryptocurrency and VR options. Implements elements of virtual reality even for traditional gambling sites. Separately engaged in the development of a platform for 3D-service, managed using a VR-headset from various manufacturers.


The legendary interactive gambling studio is one of the first to use the latest technology in its products. In early 2016, at the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, the company introduced the first VR Roulette virtual reality game. To manage roulette bets, the user needs Oculus Rift DK 2 glasses and a Leap Motion 3D controller. Subsequently, the project was awarded the International Gaming Awards in the category Innovation of the Year.


Microgaming’s main competitor in the online gambling market has released several VR casino games based on its hits with three-dimensional graphics. NetEnt developers have added support for virtual reality technology in slot machines like Gonzo’s Quest, Jack’s World, Starburst and Scarface.


In November 2018, the largest poker room PokerStars released a video game in virtual reality format. Poker fans are invited to test their strength at the card table with other players in several real-life and fictional locations. In order to attract the widest possible audience, the developers of the project offered gamers to play PokerStars VR for free, using the digital services like Steam, Viveport, and Oculus for download. To play this game the user will need HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Valve Index.

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