Top 3 major tech trends of igaming in 2020

Having examined the mood of the gambling market and the vector of its development, we have identified three main trends in the industry in 2020.

They became blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality – three technologies that can make online gambling more honest, efficient and interesting.

The modern player is hard to hit. Gamblers’ pampering is forcing the entertainment market to look for new development paths, and today they are becoming innovative technologies that can turn the usual game of chance into a process of an increased level of manufacturability, security and visual impact.


A number of operators have already made attempts to introduce the blockchain online gambling to the market, positioning it as the first transparent, reliable, safe gambling club. These attempts were unsuccessful – the players still have not received the ideal tool for gambling, capable of working quickly, honestly and without technical failures.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that can give the user confidence in a fair betting result and radically change the global community’s understanding of online casinos. Chances are high that in 2020 world gambling will receive a blockchain solution that implements all the features of a distributed registry in gambling and will make the iGaming not only interesting but also reliable and provably honest.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By automating the work of gambling services, artificial intelligence makes the game even more interesting and more convenient for the user. There are three actions that AI can perform:

  1. Retention Marketing – With the help of AI, a lot more users are attracted by instantly determining the expected behavior of the player. AI indicates which bonuses and to whom it makes sense to offer.
  2. Acquisition Marketing – the AI analysis of the game patterns of each unique user exceeds the accuracy of even the most experienced analyst and automatically decides which of the creative ideas will give the best results for the attraction.
  3. Fraud Management – while tracking suspicious actions of users, AI displays increased care, which no specialist can physically possess.

In the field of gambling, the use of artificial intelligence will automate a number of game and organizational processes and exceed the capabilities of any specialist, thereby initiating the further development of the industry.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The introduction of virtual and augmented reality creates technological conditions in order to experience and feel the gameplay, as in reality. VR opens up three-dimensional space and creates the opportunity to interact with the virtual environment.

During the game, there is a feeling of authenticity and socialization. A player can imagine that he is betting in the most famous gambling houses in Las Vegas, while actually staying at home.

The implementation of each of the three technological developments is the creation of a new gaming industry. Today, many users associate them with aspects of science fiction, however, in the very near future, the market promises to present full-featured solutions based on innovative technologies and completely change the idea of familiar online gambling. You can learn more about online gambling at the Bgaoc website.