How social media is changing the gaming world

Gaming is a more than $90 billion industry that continues to expand each year, and social media is helping drive that growth. Social media has changed our lives completely, how can it not change the gaming patterns in our lives?

Social media and gaming

We are already well aware of how our routines changed, how we view the world, how we eat and dress… We do it all so that we can post it online!

The same goes for gaming. We see on Facebook that someone is playing a certain game, then another one, then another one… so we definitely click on it and try to play it.

In fact, it is statistically proven that we spend a fair amount of time on Facebook playing games. How did we find them? A friend recommended them or just posted that he was playing it and that’s enough for us to try a round ourselves.

How are games influenced by social media?

First of all, games have now become even too accessible, as today you have Instant Games feature that allows you to play your games anywhere and anytime.

Secondly, at present, you have options to play against real-life persons instead of the computer and compete with them live. Multiplayer video games have revolutionized the game, making online gaming so close-to-real-live gathering with friends.

Moreover, social media has made the advertising thing really easy for businesses overall, but especially for the gaming business. All those alluring ads attract people into trying them, and eventually, getting addicted to them.

Additionally, there are so many tutorials available on social media that instruct you exactly how to play a game and tips how to win on it that are so nicely presented you really want to try them immediately. You want to learn how to play online blackjack? You simply write the keyword blackjack and millions of suggestions will pop-up, like https://www.blackjack.org/. You want to learn how to learn how to play Candy Crush? Click on any game reviewing app and you’ll get it immediately.

And finally, there are the 3D video games that are provided by the best game developers in the world. These games are present on the most popular social media and anyone can enjoy them.

However, we cannot emphasize enough the fact that online gaming has become portable now. All you have to do is turn on your app of choice, search your game and play it on the plane, at the bank, in the park… Literally anywhere you want. Portability is one of the major factors that influenced the increase of gaming.

What else from gaming can we expect to see on social media?

With the rise of VR technology, it would be no wonder to see Virtual Reality games incorporated on social media somehow, someday. But it is a great probability that with the aid of special gadgets, game developers and their cutting-edge technology will manage to implement VR on social media.