Security camera

How to keep your property secure in quiet moments

Whether you run a small high street shop or a multi-million pound data centre, it is critical to keep your premises safe and secure, and today that means security cameras. Not only do cameras allow you to monitor the feeds to check on your property form an off-site location, but mere fact of installing cameras will put off most thieves and trespassers.

If you are looking to install security cameras on your premises, then in 2020 you are looking for a 24/7 IP-camera system, where digital cameras record and send video back to a centralised control panel that will give you or your security staff an good overview of the entire location. For some premises, this may mean simply installing cameras at the front and back doors, but for larger properties it may mean a network of cameras throughout – making sure you have coverage of all entrances, exits, and any other vulnerable locations.

There are a wealth of IP cameras available on the market today, but to make the best use of their feeds you need a centralised system that can integrate these feeds and work alongside IP speakers systems and remote access technologies – and the best systems are hardware agnostic. A Synology license for its Surveillance Station, for example, will work with over 7,000 different models of IP cameras from a wealth of different manufacturers, so no matter your budget or the features you are looking for there will likely be a compatible device.

The variety of technology you can use with these hardware agnostic systems is updated regularly as new technologies come online, but it makes it easier than ever to create a custom solution of security and monitoring tools specific to your premises rather than trying to make an expensive solution work “off the rack”.

In contrast, a bespoke solution from a provider like Synology will allow you to purchase only the number of cameras you require to secure your property, whether that is 1 or 1000 and then buy license packs to match that number. And if you want to add further cameras or other connected security tools like remote access technologies in the future then you can simply buy another license to cover that device. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution.

In today’s uncertain times where premises are less likely to have footfall than ever, it is a critical moment for businesses to invest in their security measures both in terms of digital defences for their website and IT infrastructure and for their physical premises.