How to save money on your broadband

If you’ve set up a broadband contract with a provider and just let it roll-over, year in, year out, you are spending more money than you need.  When life is busy, it’s easy to tell yourself ‘I got a good deal on my broadband, it’s probably not worth the trouble of switching’.  You are almost certainly wrong.

Work out what you need

Having the fastest internet available is generally believed to be desirable, but are you wasting money by paying for faster internet than you need? If you are a domestic household, you should be able to function perfectly well on 20-30 mega bites per second.  You can check your internet speed here.  By choosing to reduce your internet speed you can reduce your monthly payments and still enjoy perfectly serviceable broadband.  Find out from your current supplier how much data you are using.  Are you paying for more than you need?  Are you paying penalties for going over your usage allowance?

Research providers

Take the time to research the latest promotions.  Research customer reviews of providers to see how satisfied customers are with their performance.  Don’t lock yourself into a new contract without examining the small print.  Are there hidden charges like set up fees or connection charges?  Does that enticing introductory offer later switch to a much higher rate?

Use a comparison website

Comparison sites give you a perspective on the market rates for the type of package that you are looking at.  Compare the latest deals from UK providers as well as factors such as data, speed and contract length.

Buy in a bundle

Buying your broadband and home phone service together will save you money.  Even if you don’t use a landline you will usually need one in order to get your broadband.  Be aware that some apparently cheap broadband deals require you to sign up for expensive landline rental.

Negotiate with your current provider

If you are happy with the service which you currently receive but would like to pay less, it is well worth taking the time to talk to customer service and see if you can negotiate a deal.  Most providers save their best deals for new customers, which is why it pays to switch, but if you’ve done a little research your provider should be prepared to reduce your bill to retain your custom. The latest research from Ofcom suggests that over four million broadband customers are paying more than they need.  Estimates suggest that customers who haggled were able to save, on average, £120 per year and that around 89% of them were able to achieve a better deal.  If you feel that you are getting nowhere in your negotiation, ask to be put through to the cancellation department.  This will almost certainly see you put through to a retentions department and a step closer to a discount.  Hold firm and don’t be persuaded into a new broadband provision if it’s a discount that you are after.