Video conference

How to streamline collaboration using video conferencing

As technology improves, the business world adapts and moves along with it, creating an ever-evolving environment that helps you to stay on top of the game. Collaborative work has been at the forefront of innovative work in recent times, encouraging teamwork and collaboration for a more effective approach. But is there a way to streamline collaboration to improve efficiency? In short, yes! There are platforms and systems that can be put into place to make collaboration more accessible to everyone, which is known as video conferencing technology.

What is video conferencing

Video conferencing is a way to work together regardless of location in a familiar, face-to-face manner – over half of all message perception is conveyed with facial cues and body language, so without a visual medium, you could be missing out on vital information. These systems help to break down communication barriers to ensure that there are no obstacles to stop you from achieving the most from every meeting. From simple video chats to large-scale video seminars, this technology is used worldwide, most notably by many Fortune-500 companies – many of whom opt for the Surface Hub 2 technology –  so the value is clear and plain to see. Whether you’re looking for new ways to engage and interact, or you’re looking to bring your business into the new century with the latest workplace trends, video conferencing can help every business.

How does it benefit your business?

First and foremost, it’ll make collaborative work simpler and more accessible than you’ve ever seen it before – no more struggling to get everyone in the same boardroom or trying to find a meeting appointment time that suits everyone – those days are long gone. With a video conference, you’ll be able to chat and collaborate with colleagues and partners across the globe all at once, meaning you can send your business worldwide from any base point.

Whether you’re a fresh start-up or a household name, video conferences allow you to stay in touch with clients and colleagues when it matters most, keeping a constant line of communication and streamlining the entire process. Over 94% of businesses that use video conferencing state that video collaboration has helped to improve productivity companywide, whilst 9 out of 10 remote employees state that it helped them feel closer and more in-touch with their co-workers, so it’s easy to see why video conferencing is being quickly adopted by all of the industry leaders.

What options are available?

Once you’ve decided that video conferencing technology is the right route for your business, you next must decide on which style is best for you. For a truly revolutionised setup, a tailor-made conferencing room designed by Kinly can give you all of the tools that your business will need, creating a room that suits your business’ needs in every situation. You’ll be able to set up the room to accommodate the size of meetings you expect to have and the overall atmosphere and tone that you want to put across, with the screens showcasing what you’re presenting and giving each member of the meeting a platform to be able to air their thoughts and opinions on all of the most pressing matters.

There’s much more than just video conferencing rooms too – collaboration spaces come in a whole host of different shapes and sizes for every scenario, whether it’s a small huddle room for brainstorming or a simple social area that’s designed to open up your team to better communication opportunities outside of the regular workplace environment. Booths are great for helping your team to chat and relax together, building stronger team bonds that can really help when it comes to working as a collaborative unit.

No matter whether you’re looking for Cisco solutions, Oblong setups, Surface Hub 2 optimised spaces, or Microsoft team rooms integration, there’s technology to give every conferencing space the resources that they need for a productive outcome, with Kinly simplifying the process to give you a fully optimised space without the hassle.

Bringing your business into the future can be a daunting task, with many too apprehensive to take the plunge, but with video conferencing it’s becoming more and more apparent that those who don’t take that leap are quickly being left behind, with forward-thinking rivals pouncing on those hesitations.

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