iGaming platforms breathe new life into classic games

Across much of the gaming industry, developers have often taken the approach that bigger is always better. Some of the most publicised releases of the past decade have been those that studios have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into, striving to offer the most photorealistic graphics, the largest open worlds, and the most ground-breaking storytelling.

While this certainly isn’t a bad thing, it’s not the only recipe for success. One trend that we have noticed in the online casino industry, also known as the iGaming industry, is the ability to adopt emerging technologies to breathe new life into old-school games. Let’s have a look at some of the popular games that the iGaming sector is bringing to new audiences.


Virtual bingo events

Bingo has been a much-loved social game for centuries now and remains popular in bingo halls across the world. One factor that has fuelled the recent resurgence in bingo popularity is the iGaming industry, which has begun to offer virtual live bingo events that anyone can join around the world. If you were to play bingo games online at Paddy Power, for example, you could choose from a new bingo event almost every hour of the day. All you need to do is enter the virtual bingo room, pay for your bingo card, and watch the numbers roll in.

Robotic craps

Craps has been an enduring casino classic for decades now, immortalised in countless films and TV shows. What draws people to the game is its simplicity. Simply roll the dice and hope your lucky numbers come up. Today, you can play real craps with real dice from your home, simply by logging into an iGaming platform and joining a live craps lounge. Since you cannot roll the dice yourself, a robot arm does it for you. You can watch the robot arm via a live video uplink, so that you can see in real time if the dice fall in your favour.

Livestream gameshow classics

For some, the golden age of the classic game show might seem over. However, this is certainly not the case in the online casino world. Some of the leading iGaming platforms now allow anyone to re-live and participate in much-loved classic game shows such as Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune, all via an interactive livestream. Users simply sign up from home, and get the professional gameshow host to open the red box or spin the wheel of fortune on their behalf, with real cash prizes on offer to lucky contestants.

Roulette with a twist

Roulette has been played by gamblers around the world for centuries, and you can still waltz into any land-based casino today if you fancy a few spins. In addition, users can also play with a real roulette wheel from home by entering an iGaming platform and playing live roulette. With this, multiple cameras are placed around a reel roulette wheel. Players can use a live chat box to make their bets and tell the dealer when to spin. From here, they can toggle between the different cameras so that they see every inch of the wheel and know exactly where it lands.

These are some of the old-school classics that iGaming platforms have adapted for new audiences. Do you know any other interesting variants?