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Making a website? This is what you should focus on

As you may have noticed, pretty much all businesses have a website where you can get all the information that you need. Since most of the so-called potential customers look up businesses online before making a decision, having a site where you can give them all the answers that they need, is an obligation.

More than 80% of the people are unwilling to use your services or buy your products if you don’t have a site or if it’s unresponsive. To conclude it all, an online presence is essential if you want to survive and grow. With that being said, we wanted to name a few things that you should focus on. Let’s check them out.

Should you do it yourself?

The number one question that bothers all business owners is whether should they create the website by themselves or not. There are pros and cons to both sides. The positive side of hiring professionals to make it is that they are experts in that field and will meet or exceed your expectations. Plus, the better the website looks, the more customers will look at you as a leader and professional. The downside is that it can cost a lot of money, which can be a deciding factor, especially for start-ups.

The very same downside is the biggest pro if you decide to build your website. Costs will be much lower and you make it exactly as you want it. If you have a start-up business, perhaps this option is far better. Time will tell whether you need to upgrade or stick to the basics.

Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is that you need to own a site.

Make the perfect landing page

The landing page is a standalone page where a visitor lands after they follow a link from various ads on Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. This is the page that should spark up their curiosity and motivate them to learn more about your business.

Remember though – a landing page is not the same as the home page. They are designed to look similar, but the whole point of a home page is to promote your business, while the landing page promotes a single offer. If you want to increase the traffic on your website, then make sure you pay attention to this detail.

Simple navigation

Without simple navigation, your customers will be unable to find what they need. Remember, some elderly people don’t have such great knowledge on how to use the Internet, which is why it’s important to have simple navigation. Plus, people don’t like to waste too much time searching for information.

Some great tips on how to make the navigation easy is to use simple fonts, create call-to-action buttons, divide categories, be consistent, make sure that the search bar works, and make all navigation elements clickable links.

User experience

Research has shown that if your site takes too long to load, then the visitors will likely abandon all action. Page speed and load time are vital factors in optimizing your site. They improve the user experience and satisfies all of their needs. Different tools will tell you your page load time and speed, so make sure you use them all. Speed matters, especially in cases like this.

Responsive Customer Support is also something that you need to have. Usually, customers ask questions that are time-sensitive and the faster you respond, the more professional and persuasive you will look in their eyes.

Photograph by Fancycrave1