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Plumbing technology that can improve your home

Plumbing constantly evolves in order to meet the demands of customers. Because of this, it is normal to see brand new technology adding quality to homeowners’ life. The entire industry is adapting since customers have different wishes, desires and needs. This is why we should all be aware of the following interesting new technologies you should seriously consider, based on the research done by Lilydale plumbers, accessible here: fixitrightplumbing.com.au/plumber-lilydale/.

Technology led by environmental concerns

A couple of things need to be highlighted:

  • A brand new dishwasher will help you save a lot of water every single year. Rinse water is practically recycled, making the smart dishwasher capable of saving around 700 water gallons per year for families that wash their dishes 4 times weekly.
  • Sprinkler systems can automatically be shut off based on weather reports so even more water is saved.

Homeowners can now also take advantage of recycling greywater through the same process that is already used by governments, various industries and even golf courses as they want to maximize water use. Plumbers can basically modify homes in order to use greywater, which is practically quite clean wastewater coming from sinks, baths, washing machines and many other kitchen appliances.

You can easily and safely use greywater in order to flush your toilets and water your lawns. Practically, using greywater is recommended whenever you do not need to use potable water. While you cannot install such a system alone and you need a professional to help you, savings automatically increase in the long run.

Creating a healthier home

Thanks to plumbing technology advancements, your entire home becomes healthier. We can easily highlight this through 3 points:

  • The bathroom in the home can include touch-free toilets and touch-free faucets. This is important since human contact is automatically reduced, which means there is a much lower possibility to come into contact with germs and contaminants. The same touch-free fixtures you see in high-end clubs are now accessible for homeowners.
  • Brain pipes can be installed in your home. These are systems that track all your daily water usage. It is really useful since it will detect when leaks are present. A notice is automatically sent to your smartphone if a leak is detected. You are even told where it is located.
  • When you want to buy tubs and toilets, you can look for those that utilize LED technology. This can make it a lot easier for you to use your bathroom fixtures. Glowing lights arranged as rings or in other designs are not just for design purpose. They can even indicate the temperature of the water. You will never have a cold shower again and you will not be burned as you do not realize the water is too hot.


As you can see, modern plumbing technology should be taken into account when you make bathroom changes. Your entire room becomes better, looks better and is a healthier environment for the entire family. At the same time, you manage to save money in the future, which is always a huge advantage.

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