Practical eyewear options for your tech-heavy lifestyle

Just a few decades ago, only a few select individuals would describe their lifestyles as “tech-heavy”. Individuals listed as gamers, IT professionals, web developers and researchers were at the forefront of technology, and the rest of us weren’t yet influenced by these kinds of devices. Fast forward to 2021, and technology is now a part of our everyday lives. We’re all dependent on small, digital devices that we take everywhere with us, we work at screens and we relax in front of them, we even store more personal information about ourselves on these devices than we do in our homes.

It’s because of this modern approach that we need to consider our eye health and eyewear options carefully. If you’re someone who spends extended periods of time gaming, at your laptop, streaming or using digital devices for other means, then you might want to rethink your eyewear. The right glasses can protect your eyes from harmful blue light, and help you preserve your vision. Read on for some practical eyewear options for your tech-heavy lifestyle.

Protection for the outdoors

Just because you’re primarily working indoors, doesn’t mean you have to forgo protection when you head outside into the sun. Reading sunglasses from EyeBuyDirect won’t just prevent feelings of discomfort outdoors, but also give you the protection you need from UV rays. Whether you’re working outside with your laptop, or you’re using a digital device whilst in the park, prescription sunglasses can keep your eyes protected and your vision clear.

And with a choice of basic single tints, mirror-tinted options or gradient-tinted technology, you can use your devices anywhere with ease, safe in the knowledge that your eyes are protected from the sun and from your digital devices.

Blue light blocking lenses

Blue light emitted from digital devices can play havoc with our cardiac rhythm, our ability to sleep and prevent the release of the hormone ‘melatonin’. Something which affects our ability to wind down, relax and rest. Extensive exposure to blue light can also damage retinal cells, accelerate macular degeneration, cause digital eye strain, headaches, and even cataracts.

As digital devices play an important role in our lives, it’s important that we take the necessary steps to preserve our vision. This is where bluelight blocking glasses come in. These simple frames and lenses are a must for anyone who spends extended time in front of a screen. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, you can have them as a prescription or without.

And finally, gaming glasses

Ever wonder why some of the best gamers wear glasses? It’s not just a fashion statement, but more a practical necessity. Whether you’re playing online or offline games, extended periods of focus and concentration on digital screens can lead to all kinds of eye issues and discomfort. Gaming glasses come with additional features such as protection from blue light and digital eye strain, dry eyes, colour distortion and improved clarity.

Enhanced definition thanks to a lighter lens hue means colours appear brighter and more vivid, improving the gaming experience as well as making the picture clearer. If you’re someone who takes gaming seriously and plays for extended periods, then gaming eyewear is a sensible choice.