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SysAid’s latest update looks to rewrite the way admins look at ticket data

What’s the primary function of an organizations help desk? You might think “well, they solve IT problems,” and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But a good help desk goes above and beyond simple ticket resolution; it proactively works to prevent problems before they start. In order to do that, administrators need to be able to get ahead of possible issues, and the biggest challenge for today’s IT admins is spotting potential issues before they arise.

SysAid’s latest update to their Help Desk software aims to tackle this challenge by providing detailed and easy-to-view ticketing functions. By revamping the way administrators interact with their ticketing data, SysAid hopes they can assist IT professionals in reducing incoming ticket requests and respond to priority requests faster than ever before.

SysAid software is a versatile service desk solution that offers both help desk and service oriented modules. This comprehensive approach to service desk software provides flexibility for organizations that need a “one stop shop” for their IT needs.

Customization provides versatility

One of SysAid’s greatest strengths comes in its ability to be customized for nearly any organizations IT demands. With an almost limitless depth of customization, administrators can modify the way tickets are handled and even create custom forms for various types of tickets. Controlling the workflow for tickets from the get-go by having comprehensive and customized ticket forms gives a powerful new way to reduce ticket turnaround times.

Many of the pieces that make up SysAid’s software can be customized or changed to fit your organizations needs. Not only is the software feature rich, but being able to customize the majority of those features makes using SysAid’s software a great experience both for the end-user and on the backend.

One of our favorite features was the ability to setup a detailed self-service portal with guidelines for its use. This made it really easy to create a useful knowledge base that our end-users could take advantage of when they had problems.

If there’s one downside to all this customization, it’s the potential for new users to get confused during setup. Fortunately for SysAid’s customers, they offer a wealth of support and training for users who are new to the software. Not only does SysAid have detailed documentation available for customers, they have an entire library of video tutorials to help aid setting up their software in whatever way is needed to fit the needs of your organization.

SysAid’s software has been around for a long time, serving customers all over the world for their help desk needs, and that absolutely shows both in the depth of the software and the support provided.

UI refresh reinforces SysAid’s stance that information drives IT service

One of the features long touted by SysAid as a selling point for their product has been detailed data gathering and interpretation tools. As stated above, when administrators are armed with information, they can help reduce the number of issues and provide faster resolutions to incoming tickets. With the new UI refresh provided in the latest patch, this becomes even easier.

After taking feedback from their customers around the world, SysAid pushed the new UI to live. Instead of the standard run-of-the-mill ticket view, the new UI now provides a more comprehensive overview of outstanding tickets. More importantly, priority tickets can easily be sorted and almost every element of the UI can be customized without the need for coding. It’s never been easier to get organized and make sure the time is spent where it’s needed most.

The addition of an “admin insights panel” provides additional information on the goings-on for the organization, acting as an extra tool to ensure efficiency is being maximized. All of these new tools are aimed at reducing ticket times, getting ahead of potential issues, and making the help desk work to its maximum potential. It’s hard for us to argue with that methodology.

All-in-one package aims to tackle the entire purview of the service desk

Not limited to simple help desk software, SysAid offers an asset management module as an optional extra on their help desk software. This extra module includes everything you need to oversee ITAM operations within your organization, including an easily populated CMDB feature with network discovery.

This multi-role approach to the software gives SysAid’s application outstanding value for the money, essentially packing two separate pieces of software into a single package.

Cloud deployment option adds mobility and flexibility

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Cloud deployments allow organizations to quickly setup end-user clients and backend interfaces alike, and gain the advantages of unified software support and rapid updates. Sysaid’s software is no exception, and their cloud deployment is one of the best we’ve seen. By removing the need for local installation, we were able to get SysAid deployed across all our machines in record time.

Not only was this quick and easy, SysAid also provides regular updates to their cloud deployment option. These can often come several times a month and will fix bugs or send new features on a regular basis. It’s incredibly easy to stay up-to-date on all our assets in this fashion.

SysAid is a versatile option for organizations who need to do more than just answer tickets

With outstanding customer support, a constantly evolving interface, regular updates, and an all-in-one approach to ITSM, SysAid’s Help Desk software punches well above its weight class when it comes to value. This is a company that clearly understands the challenges faced by service desks around the globe and it shows in almost every aspect of the software. If you’re looking for a different option that won’t break the bank, we highly recommend giving SysAid a try.

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