Apple iPhone XR

iPhone XR: Best of the bunch?

Apple have released their latest phone baby into the brood, the iPhone XR. This newest model is not only cheaper than its predecessors, it’s more colourful too, available in no less than 6 colours. The iPhone XR packs the usual bells and whistles of a super quick processor performance, long lasting battery life and convenient security measures like facial recognition. But here’s the catch. To keep the price down, the camera, though decent enough, just isn’t up to the usual standards due to lacking dual rear lenses, and the screen is an LCD instead of the crisper OLED. If these factors don’t bother you too much, then it could be the best phone out there for you.

LCD vs OLED: What’s the difference?

The screen on the iPhone XR is impressively large, which is generally a love or hate feature for most. Apple decided to go down the LCD route for this model, which although bright and colourful, lacks the viewing angles and the vibrancy of its OLED rival. To get technical, the OLED screen can create its own light, where the LCD requires a backlight, resulting in duller colouring and dark shades of grey instead of a crisp, solid black.

Is it durable?

iPhones are pretty notorious for a shattered screen if they get dropped. You’ll be pleased to know that this model has the same hard wearing glass screen as the XS, however the back of the XR isn’t as strong. You may want to consider a case, just to be on the safe side. The iPhone XR is also water resistant and can survive up to a depth of 1 metre for approximately 30 minutes, should you need it.

>Storage space and battery life

Unlike other iPhone models, the XR doesn’t come in a 512GB option. You can however get 64GB or upgrade to 128GB or 256GB for a little extra cash. So you’ll be rest assured to have the space for precious photos, videos, sound files as well as the numerous apps to live your life by.

When compared to other leading brands, Samsung and Google, the iPhone XR excelled for battery life, lasting over 11 hours of continuous use. Its endurance also surpassed other Apple models, such as the XS and XS Max. For comparison, it remained on par with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Superfast performance

Boasting the A12 Bionic processor, this model is quite literally the fastest phone on the market, alongside its other Apple cousins. Not only does this save you time on tasks such as video editing, downloading, streaming and gaming, but you get more for your money when comparing it to the processors used by Android phones, such as Samsung’s Snapdragon 855 processor.

A colourful device

Although it doesn’t affect the performance of the phone, you may be intrigued to know that this model comes in a larger range of colours. You can choose from the standard black or white, or opt for the bolder choices or red, yellow, blue and even coral. It even comes with complimenting aluminium sides.

Camera quality

Don’t be fooled. Despite the iPhone XR only owning a single lens camera, it still delivers delightful images, thanks to the Smart HDR function and the same wide-angled sensor as other models. It will lack where others gain, and does have a limitation in portrait mode, where it’ll only shoot if a person is in the frame.

The best iPhone yet?

If you’re content with the iOS and will benefit from the longer battery life, the convenience of face ID and a larger screen, then this model could be the perfect choice for you. You’ll also get the same awesome performance for a cheaper price.

It has got to be the best selling phone in the US for a reason, right?