Time tracking software is critical in project management

While starting with a project, it is important to plan every aspect of it. Majorly, you won’t get efficiency when you don’t plan with the big dream project you are working on.

There are several advantages to planning a project. However, to put the plan into action, you need to schedule and track the time required for each task.

You can achieve this roadmap using the best time tracking software. Thus, many companies and businesses have given an equal share of importance to time tracking software in their daily routine.

Here is the list to convince you to have time tracking software to succeed in your projects:

1. Chance for “expectations = reality”

The difference between a manual time tracking software and a recorded timer is their automation.

To fix the inaccurate tracking, you can add an automated system to your project management tools.

There are many project management tools integrated with time tracking software like Harvest. As a time tracking pioneer, it provides accurate reports on time spent along with other project management tools.

When your team is working towards accomplishing a goal, you can speed up their efficiency through this time tracking software to meet deadlines.

2. Enhanced project estimation

Are you struggling in tracking billable and non-billable hours? Then, using an ideal time tracking software could simplify this tedious work.

Based on this report, you can allocate time for similar tasks to the team members. Suppose you have a budget of $5000 for a project, it may take 330 hours to complete by your team. Previously, your UX designer took 60 hours on achieving a particular task when you thought it would require 40 hours for it.

So, according to these real-time insights, you can estimate the “real” time required to meet up the project deadlines.

3. Avoid work overload

When you have a practical time scale for the project milestones, you will probably minimize work overload to your team members.

For example, If you have a project deadline to complete within three months, with a specific timeline for accomplishing each task, then it would save your team from overworking to meet the deadline by hurrying up at the last minute.

This way, you save time, energy and deliver quality work using time tracking software at the end of the project.

4. Prioritize the crucial tasks

There is a straightforward way to handle an overwhelming big project. It lists down all the tasks and mini-goals to accomplish, prioritizing them based on the importance level.

While discussing the project, it is exemplary to discuss the roadmap,  timeline, and milestones break down into respective tasks so that the urgent and vital tasks are never missed.

A collaborative time tracking software monitors and tracks the time for particular tasks separately and facilitates these discussions effectively.

This procedure results in an uninterrupted project progress.

5. Increased productivity

Managing the time better is a significant challenge for team members despite all the project planning.

With time tracking software, you can understand how well your team members utilize the time on projects and where they lose other time.

Therefore, you should measure productivity in terms of progress instead of time spent in the office. It makes sense to achieve the plan on time.


To summarize, if you want to meet up with the expectations, estimate the real-time for project completion, avoid burning out, prioritize the critical tasks, and increase productivity, you must have time tracking software in your company.

We hope you understood the combination of project management and time tracking for maximizing progress.

Photograph by Jan Vašek