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What are the biggest threats in the world of cybersecurity today?

In the modern era, it is incredibly difficult for businesses to remain operational without regular access to the internet. At the same time, access to the internet does create its fair share of risks. For example, when employees are able to access confidential company information from anywhere on the planet, it is also possible for hackers to gain access to the same information. As a result, it is critical for everyone to think about managed cybersecurity services as a way to protect their confidential information from harm. When looking for IT services Boston, it is important to think about the biggest cybersecurity threats today. There are several cybersecurity threats that everyone should know.

Phishing attacks remain at the top of the list

Without a doubt, the biggest cybersecurity threat today remains phishing attacks. It is critical for everyone to understand what phishing attacks are. The easiest way for someone to gain access to a network has to steal someone’s login credentials. That is the goal of a phishing attack.

During a phishing attack, criminals will try to pose as a member of the company. Then, they will try to convince someone to surrender their login information virtually, usually through email. In some situations, a spear-phishing attack might be executed instead. In this attack, a criminal will try to learn everything that he or she can about a company through social media accounts and public information. Then, he or she will try to convince a specific person that he or she needs that person’s login information. Then, he or she will use that information to log in to the network and steal confidential information. The best way to prevent this attack from taking place is to tell employees never to surrender their login information virtually.

Ransomware attacks are a major threat

Another type of cybersecurity attack is called a ransomware attack. A ransomware attack is usually executed in the form of a computer virus. In some situations, this may be uploaded directly to the network. In other situations, this virus may be unleashed via email.

When a ransomware attack is unleashed, all of the company’s files are encrypted. Then, in order to release the company’s files, a ransom is demanded. Even though it is possible for a company should try to work to decrypt their files manually, this usually costs them more money in the form of downtime than the ransom otherwise would. Furthermore, a lot of these attacks target entities that are time-sensitive, such as healthcare institutions that may lose access to life-saving equipment as a result of the attack. Maintenance and strong cybersecurity measures are the best ways to prevent this attack from taking place.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks remain common

Finally, it is also important for everyone to understand what a distributed denial-of-service attack is. Usually shortened to a DDoS attack, this is an attack that seeks to overwhelm the network with so many commands that it goes offline. Even though this does require direct access to the network, this attack takes place in numerous settings, ranging from commercial organizations to professional video game players. Again, the best way to deal with this attack is to prevent it from taking place, to begin with. That is why it is important for businesses to rely on trained technology professionals. A DDoS attack has the potential to knock a network offline for an extended amount of time, costing a business a tremendous amount of time and money.

Plan for all cybersecurity threats with professionals

Even though it is important to rely on acute cybersecurity services when an attack takes place, it is always better to prevent these attacks from taking place in the first place. That is where cybersecurity professionals can be helpful. When businesses and technology professionals take the time to educate employees, it is possible to take preventive action that may be able to prevent a lot of cybersecurity attacks from taking place. This will lead to improved uptime, improved consumer confidence, and an overall better bottom line for the company as a whole. For all of these reasons, everyone should rely on professional cybersecurity services.