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Valorant: Tips for playing as Fade

The latest initiator agent in Valorant, Fade, is gaining fame in the heart of players because of her unique set of abilities. Despite these abilities, playing as Fade in this tactically based game can be tricky. But the good news is that we’ve got you some effective tips to maximize the advantages of Fade’s abilities.

Valorant is a 5v5 shooter game that requires tactics and skills to win and enjoy. If you’re stuck in very hard-level playing as any agent, you could check out our Valorant hacks with aimbot. However, read on as we walk you through the tips to play as Fade in Valorant.

Tips for Playing as Fade in Valorant

Here are some important tips for playing as Fade in Valorant. Read on.

1. Understanding Fade’s abilities

Fade’s E ability – Haunt – is her signature ability. It allows her to throw up a haunting watcher that drops down after a while. Once it reaches the ground, it scans the environment for about 0.825 seconds, after which it’ll identify any players it spots.

The C or Prowler ability is fast. You can control it while playing as Fade. It helps you spot an enemy player or trail. At that point, the speed increases dramatically and blinds the enemy players for about 3.5 seconds. Fade can purchase 2 prowlers in a round, which cost 250 credits each. This is great for clearing close corners.

The X ability – Nightfall – is Fade’s ultimate, as it has a huge effect that can decay and deafen enemy players. This is one of the most powerful abilities to use when playing as Fade.

Fade’s Q ability – Seize – is the most unique in her kit. It works like the haunting watcher, but traps enemies and decays 75 hp from them. Understanding all of Fade’s abilities will help you know when and which to use in any map.

2. Using the best weapons

Despite all the powerful abilities of Fade, it’s advisable to support her with the best weapons. When choosing a weapon for Fade, it’s recommendable to stick to a shotgun for short-range attacks. The best guns to pick include Vandal (AR), Phantom, Spectre (SMG), or Ghost (Pistol).

With her abilities and powerful weapons, Fade can take a fight up to the enemy’s zone. As her controller, you must adopt tactics when launching your attacks. Use Haunt to spot enemy positions and then take them out with an assault rifle or SMG.

3. Understand Fade’s trajectory when throwing her abilities

When sent into the air, Fade’s abilities, especially Seize and Haunt, do not land as normal objects would. They don’t take that arc-like trajectory pattern. They’ll just drop straight to the ground after reaching a certain distance.

So, to not waste your Seize and Haunt orbs, carefully choose the most effective placement before throwing. Throwing from quite a short range is ideal for both the Haunt and Seize abilities of Fade. You don’t want to target an enemy and then drop your orb 3 m away from him.

4. Use nightfall ability tactically

Although Nightfall – Fade’s ultimate X ability – has a limited range, using it with tactics is your best bet. For instance, if you’re stuck in a sticky situation where enemy players are trooping from a particular direction, clear out the site with Nightfall.

If you’re defending a site or a spike, you can also use the Nightfall ability to wipe out the entire site and win the round. Apart from decaying enemy players, it will deafen and mark them on the map. You can devise a way to sweep the whole team out.

5. Don’t attack, leave it to your team

In Valorant, agents have different characters like Controllers, Dualists, Initiators, and Sentinels. Fade is a 100% Initiator, meaning that her powers are to extract details for her team concerning enemy locations, blindside, and pin enemies in those areas. So, when playing as Fade, you must not attack.

You just need to collect all the necessary information, relate with your teammates, and let them do the rest. Use Fade’s abilities to locate enemies, and give your team a chance to take them out on those locations. Furthermore, don’t charge in unless you’re sure of a kill.


Valorant’s agents can be tricky to play with or play against. But with tips and tricks, the gameplay keeps on moving. If you’re having any challenges playing as Fade in Valorant, these tips should help you improve your gameplay.

Before starting a round, always understand which ability is best. Get the best weapons. Understand how to throw Fade’s ability with accuracy to hit an enemy. More importantly, don’t attack. Give your team a chance to do the sweeping.