Digital marketing

What, why & how of digital marketing

Something which people within the digital marketing sphere often forget about is that not every business owner completely gets what digital marketing is all about. If you are a business owner who falls into this category then don’t worry if you have been bamboozled by your local digital marketing agency, there are many of us who make the assumption that people fully understand it. What we do plan on doing today however is giving you a leg up when it comes to digital marketing and explaining a little more about the what and the why of this marketing approach.

What is digital marketing?

In a nutshell digital marketing is any type of online endeavour which seeks to promote your brand and your business. To illustrate the point we can have a look at a few examples here, for starters we could look at social media advertising, the production of content which is shared amongst your followers. You could also pay for social media advertising which would see your ads feature on the news feed of a targeted audience. Banner ads is also a form of digital marketing, that long piece across the top of the website which advertises a product of a brand. Digital marketing is about leveraging the online audience, and showing off your business or products to them.

Why digital marketing?

There are 2 very simple explanations as to why digital marketing makes so much sense for businesses. The first answer is the cost which is involved in running a digital marketing campaign, which can be done for peanuts and yield great results. The second answer to why digital marketing is so important is that the online audience is absolutely enormous and if you can tap into that you can see enormous levels of success as a result. There are some other reasons to such as the specific nature by which you can target your ads, but generally it comes down to the fact that it offers an amazing ROI and there is an abundance of people using the web to find businesses and products.

How to go about it

In terms of how your business can get started with digital marketing there are 2 options in front of you,  the first is to use a digital marketing agency, which will cost money, or the second is having a go on your own. The recommendation here however is that if you are new to the digital marketing game of you don’t have much of an idea about it, hence the fact  that you are reading this piece, it will always be better to use a digital marketing agency. Not only will an agency give you expert advice, they will deliver far stronger results in a far shorter time than if you were doing things on your own, and it will free you up to do what you do best.

Hopefully that has cleared things up a little, any more questions feel free to write them in the comments section below.

Photograph by Photo-Mix