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Why is now the time for your firm to embrace Unified Communications?

As the world comes out of lockdown, there are a lot of imminent changes looming for the world of work. While your company will be considering big questions about how to reallocate office space and what role remote working will play in your future, they may not have considered the role that Unified Communications could play in making the transition smoother and easier.

What are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications refers to a system that puts all of your business’ communications on a single, web-mediated system. This can present many advantages, including cost savings against the price of landlines, and flexibility with work phones and their ability to connect to other technology. The most recent generations also offer varying levels of integration with other work devices, to help teams consolidate their work together.

This has proven especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic as it has allowed companies to keep working through lockdown despite not being able to access their office computers physically. Building this flexibility into your workforce is likely to be essential as home working is set to become part of the new normal.

Why should your firm choose Unified Communications?

Unified Communications are for cutting through the noise of dozens of competing systems of sharing information. In a large enough company, it can be easy to discover that different teams and sub-groups are communicating across totally different mediums, and so are unable to share information between teams efficiently. Having a single system your company uses can be hugely beneficial, especially now that so many people are working from home, and it can be easy for people to feel isolated and insecure about bringing this up. Everyone being on the same communications network can lower anxiety and promote employee wellness.

What should your firm look for in a Unified Communications provider?

The most important things that a Unified Communications provider can offer are flexibility, integration, and security. One product that offers this is Horizon Collaborate, a secure app-based system which allows for great flexibility within your business. Provided by Gamma, a longstanding market leader in Britain, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, Horizon Collaborate allows your employees to work remotely on any phone and allows home workers to easily move their settings and profiles to their home offices.

Additional services offered include the ability to share information in a range of mediums, including file sharing, pictures, video, and audio. Being able to keep records of meetings, and then being able to come back to the recordings easily, can help keep employees focused and help clarify any uncertainty felt after a meeting.

Sequential ringing, and technology which lets you keep one number anywhere you go, and on any device, also make it much easier for colleagues to keep in touch and not miss calls. The platform also comes with its own video call and conferencing options, which can save your company money on a professional Zoom account if it is applied across the company and adds an extra level of security.

Whichever Unified Communications platform you choose, be sure to find a system that works for you, and is flexible, integrated, and secure.

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